Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cressey’s First Birthday: Decor

Helen Grace and I started planning Cressey’s first birthday party as soon as we had Christmas behind us. We decided to go with a bunny theme since her birthday was the week before Easter and also her favorite “lovey” is her purple bunny (bought by HG at the hospital on her birthday). I made the mistake, I mean I made the genius move of introducing HG to Pinterest. We spent hours perusing all kinds of crafts for bunny birthday parties and started brainstorming on our favorites. Before bedtime, HG would ask to look through Pinterest- it was so cute!

We lucked out that her actual birthday was on a Saturday, so we had the party at our house at 3:00 that afternoon. We had hoped that she would be awake from her afternoon nap by then, but it turned out that she was sleeping so well that we had to wake her up around 3:15 so she could join the party! She was a little cautious about the raucous that was happening in her house, but she warmed up well.

Unfortunately, the night before her party, I got a little tummy bug in the wee morning hours, HG was still suffering from a two-week tummy ache, and when we woke up Cressey, she had vomited in her bed. It was a tough night! We let all of our guests know and some of them chose not to come, but we still had a good crowd and we rallied for the party!

We had bunny tails and ears, ‘carrots’ made out of cheddar bunnies, and balloons as favors. We used the girls’ Wolfe and Peter’s (or McCarty’s) collection of bunnies as decorations. We’ve loved keeping the bunny decor up through Easter too. John may or may not have said I went a little overboard with the bunnies, for the record…

Here are a few highlights of HG’s design…



We all signed a copy of Runaway Bunny.


Grandma snuck into HG’s shot- lol!




No party is complete without Whimsy cookies.



Garden District helped me with all the flowers.


A seamstress helped us with the chair cover and outside table runners, but Spiffer made the high chair banner.


HG came up with the idea of a dress-up photo booth with a Polaroid camera.


And she had to test out the photo booth, of course.

2017-04-07 20.51.29




HG painted this bunny and left a sweet note on the back for her sissy.

2017-04-07 20.46.14

2017-04-07 20.46.30






Rachel painted this bunny canvas for the Pin the Tail on the Bunny, but when we saw it, we couldn’t bear to stick tails to it! So we displayed it for the party and plan to hang it in Cressey’s room.


HG came up with this ‘bunny’ themed snack bar.




HG specifically wanted pink and white balloons on the stairs and made sure the pattern panned out correctly.





Thank you to Michelle for making the cake (and also many of Helen Grace’s). She is so good to us! Also, we saw these gold wire bunny ears on a blog and thought we could buy them somewhere, but it turns out that we had to get our creative juices flowing and make them ourselves.

2017-04-16 19.12.19


A big shout out to my parents who hauled tables and coolers (seriously, an entire car full or two…), kept a baby entertained for hours, picked up orders, and placed decor and food juuuuust right to make this celebration a success. Couldn’t do life without y’all!

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