Sunday, April 16, 2017

CMT: Twelve Months

Cressey turned ONE on April 8, 2017. Her one year check up was on April 11th. Here are her stats:
27 pounds, 1 ounce
32 inches long
49 head circumference
(All of these are off the charts, but her weight-to-length ratio is now on the curve!)
She had to get a finger prick for bloodwork, a shot in each leg, and a shot in the arm. It was TERRIBLY traumatic (like, hyperventilating by the end).
She still takes two good naps a day (1.5-2 hours)- one mid morning and one mid afternoon. She goes to bed around 6:30 p.m. and usually wakes up around 6:30 a.m.

Wears 24 month onesies around the house, but her ‘nice’ clothes are all 2T. She’s thinning out a lot but is so long.

Desperate to walk and chase her sister (or the kitties). She’s cruising all over the house, reaches out her hand for you to walk her somewhere; pulling herself up to a stand; crawling with one leg outstretched. She can get rooms away before you notice she’s gone.

Full of animated gestures: where’s ___?, waving, pointing at you/ things, playing peekaboo

Cackles out loud and understands most of what you ask her to do, but she is still just saying a few words (mama, dada, hey, etc.). Sometimes we think she mumbles a word or name, but we can’t quite tell if she’s just mimicking.

Puts her head on our shoulder for a second when she’s being sweet or tired

Loves her purple bunny paci still and loves reading her touch-and-feel book (she bossily turns the pages)

Pats you on your back at times

Makes kissy noises when she sees kitties or Mickey. Since March 28th, she’s leaning in for closed-mouth kisses.

Blows on hot things when you put them on her plate

Minds ‘no’ better (or maybe I should say that she doesn’t smile and laugh anymore), but we can mostly steer her away from things we don’t want her to touch or do.

After she finishes her bottle sitting in your lap, she will turn and roll over and slide off your lap to the floor.

She rarely sleeps in the car- mostly only if the sun is down- but for the first time on April 3rd, she fell asleep while in the carpool line and stayed asleep while HG hopped in the car. When HG saw her, she squealed, “Mama! This baby is so cute when she sleeps!” She kissed her neck and whispered to her. (HG likes to help me give her ideas of dreams at bedtime.)

Seems to be teething now but we can’t find a new one just yet. (Still has two middle on the bottom and top four)

Not one to just sit still- wants to walk or move all the time. We’ve been taking walks in the neighborhood a lot.

“Garbage dumpster”- will try any food and likes pretty much all of it.

She has figured out how to get one arm out of her sleep sack.

Has gotten her first (no claw) ‘pop’ from Blue as she touched him more than he was interested in. Hurt her feelings and made her tear up.

Think she’s right handed, but we do see her grab with both.

Puts phones up to her ear

On April 9th, I was holding Cressey on my hip while I got a leftover Whimsy cookie (from her party) from a bag in the pantry. I put the cookie in my mouth while I sealed the ziplock shut. As I held it between my teeth, she leaned in and bit a nibble off the cookie, Lady and the Tramp style! I figured that effort deserved her own cookie, and she nommed that thing to pieces (and then wiped it all in her hair, of course).

Still HATES shoes. I mean, full out meltdown. One such fit is documented below as we walked into her check up appointment…
2017-04-11 09.56.18
The calm before the storm
2017-04-11 10.22.00
2017-04-11 10.22.10
2017-04-11 10.52.38

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