Sunday, January 8, 2017

Toohig Tidbits: Last Half of December

HG was hiding one morning and jumped out at me. I screamed, “You scared the bejesus out of me!! Well, I probably shouldn’t say that word- excuse me.” She responded, “It’s ok. We say, ‘you scared the juices out of me,’ at school all the time.”

HG was so insistent on putting together a gingerbread house after dinner on a Sunday night. Should have known that was a recipe for disaster.
2016-12-11 17.19.02
We got the roof on…and then things started sliding. And not even hot glue could keep it together. We had an upset little girl. She asked the elves to help her mama out by bringing another one.
2016-12-11 17.59.16-1
2016-12-12 13.03.38-1
2016-12-12 16.34.11
2016-12-13 08.05.21
HG’s class Christmas party on Dec. 13th (and yes, I left Cressey at home so big girl could have the attention)
2016-12-13 14.32.30
2016-12-13 14.33.30
2016-12-13 14.33.53
2016-12-13 14.34.30
2016-12-13 14.39.08
2016-12-13 14.52.21
And thankfully, the elves brought a PRE-ASSEMBLED gingerbread house for our second attempt. YAYYYY!!
2016-12-14 15.07.19
2016-12-15 06.26.32
Cop Stop day at SAA and HG made the school’s Facebook page
2016-12-14 19.56.47
This doodle was completely unprompted. I swear!
2016-12-20 08.46.58
After we got out of school for the holidays, we were able to meet up with Callum and crew for a much needed play date!
2016-12-20 12.56.27 HDR
The girls and I went up to John’s office for their Pick Up Your Spouse party. They had a pinata this year, and while HG had NO interest in getting into the maylay to tear it open, she sure was quick to dive in there for candy!
2016-12-20 16.49.19
2016-12-20 16.49.58
2016-12-20 16.50.23-1
2016-12-20 16.59.07
John and I looked around at one point for HG, and we finally found her sitting at a desk (not her daddy’s- eek!) and playing in the chair. It’s the little things!
2016-12-20 17.01.45
Most of the time in our house, we have to share our seat with Momo.
2016-12-21 07.45.27
2016-12-21 16.17.15
2016-12-21 17.08.41
Cressey loves Christmas cards as much as her mama and sister do!
2016-12-21 17.54.37
Just a lazy holiday break day with a girl and her kitten
2016-12-22 07.58.00
We were squeezing in every Christmas outfit we could in December…and I mean really ‘squeezing into’ them…
2016-12-22 10.55.34-1
As she sat next to the tree, I handed Cressey an ornament and was saying ‘ball’ to her. HG sashayed over and said, “Mama, you know she can NOT say the word ‘ball’ yet,” and gave me this teenage look.
2016-12-22 10.56.46
2016-12-22 10.57.12
We got to see Ellis over lunch! She changed schools this year, and we’ve missed her and her family so much.
2016-12-22 12.30.06
Our old neighbor and SAA grad, Katie, came home from college and called to asked if she could come hang out with HG. SWEET! She brought over a little gingerbread village, and I thoroughly enjoyed harassing them as they worked, but theirs turned out much better than my first attempt!
2016-12-22 15.59.44
John and I had a date night with HG to Holiday Ham for dinner, and then John went to go see a movie with CB and HG and I went to see Moana. (Beforehand, she begrudgingly ran some last minute errands with me. It’s amazing how much you can get done without hauling a baby carrier through a store! She was not excited all the stops we had to make, but we had lots of fun running through the rain together and chit chatting.)
2016-12-22 18.20.34
2016-12-22 18.40.11
While wrapping, I plopped this bow on Cressey’s head, and HG piped up with, “Cressey, you’re our Christmas present this year!” Sweetest words I’ve ever heard.
2016-12-23 08.35.01
HG’s first handprint ornament on the left and Cressey’s on the right
2016-12-23 10.01.06
2016-12-23 12.33.40
HG decorated some gift envelopes for me. Without any prompting, this is what she drew.
2016-12-23 15.38.41
This cat just makes himself at home. Prince and the Pea!
2016-12-23 16.08.28
As usual, Blue and Mo aren’t far from a sleeping HG.
2016-12-23 21.24.00
This stupid cat has a new trick that has made us lose our minds lately. He did it repeatedly over the holidays.
2016-12-24 10.23.32
Lego assembly in action
2016-12-26 09.39.34
Isn’t there a saying about a silver spoon in the mouth? Ha!
2016-12-26 10.25.07
Holiday haircut…she let us cut the last bit of her baby hair off the ends. Probably 2-3 inches. Looks great!
2016-12-27 10.35.36
A quick visit with Courtlyn
2016-12-27 12.52.47
And Sing movie with Addie for her 4th birthday
2016-12-27 15.19.35
2016-12-28 14.44.47-1
Brandy, Daily, and Frankie came over to play.
2016-12-29 11.54.52 HDR
2016-12-29 11.55.06
2016-12-29 11.25.06
2016-12-29 14.23.12
2017-01-07 07.03.47

Daddy has one full lap of love bugs.
2016-12-29 18.49.20
We met the Coats girls for lunch and cupcakes. Cressey has never been a big fan of loud noises or crying/ loud babies, but it reached a fever pitch at the restaurant. Every time Alexandra would make a peep, Cress would melt down.
2016-12-30 11.55.51
2016-12-30 11.56.18-1
2016-12-30 12.01.26 HDR

This cat is pitiful.
2016-12-30 20.07.06
John found mini cucumbers for Cress, and they are a big hit. She’ll gnaw/ gum it until it’s just a nub.
2016-12-31 11.35.56
On NYE, Glo, Suzanne, and Grace Ann drove up from Jackson (and Worth from hunting too!), and we meet the Hasseltines for lunch and jumping. HG was in hog heaven.
2016-12-31 15.03.02
2016-12-31 16.17.08

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