Monday, January 2, 2017

Toohig Tidbits: First Half of December

As HG played with Snow Village, I heard her say, “Jesus is the person that made Christmas.”

Spiffer asked her what she learned from being grounded (no sweets until school was out), and she said, “Don’t mess with mama!”

While I was rubbing her face in bed one night, she said, “Mommy, you do the best things.”

She never found food she didn’t like.

2016-12-01 08.18.16

2016-12-01 09.55.50

Definitely a side sleeper. You know when she rolls onto her side that she’s down for good.

2016-12-01 14.26.24

My other sleeping beauty, snuggling up to mama after a bad dream

2016-12-01 22.30.01

2016-12-02 07.23.38

2016-12-02 07.27.56

She doesn’t laugh this hard for anyone except her sister. HG can make her just cackle.

2016-12-02 15.22.37

Waiting on Santa pics

2016-12-03 10.29.15-1

2016-12-03 16.25.55

HG was so excited about their matching pjs that she came up with a few photo shoot ideas.

2016-12-04 18.50.37-1

2016-12-04 18.51.09

2016-12-04 18.57.37


Love my little anchor girl

2016-12-05 10.43.51

And December finally got cold!

2016-12-05 16.01.04

She can find me in her mirror and will smile at me now.

2016-12-06 07.51.42

HG wanted to make a thank you card for one of our neighborhood guards, Mr. Bill.

2016-12-06 11.37.05

Still loves her Advent calendar

2016-12-06 15.25.47

2016-12-06 17.39.30

Her elves brought her a little reindeer sewing project, and she loved it! I got her started, and then she did the whole perimeter.

2016-12-06 17.49.48

Spiffer bought her a magic wand to turn on the Christmas tree lights.

2016-12-07 17.10.20

Love finding HG’s little play set ups throughout the house

2016-12-07 17.33.40

2016-12-07 17.33.57

John had a long business trip and was gone for several nights. When he came home, the girls attacked him and pretty much stayed like this until bedtime when he carried them both upstairs.

2016-12-07 19.00.43-1

2016-12-07 19.01.11

2016-12-07 19.03.24

She loves playing with Snow Village.

2016-12-08 06.39.02

Cress got to escape her car seat in the carpool line, and that makes her H-A-P-P-Y!

2016-12-08 14.51.40

For a few nights there, Cress kept rolling over on her tummy in the middle of the night. Sometimes, she’d stay that way for a while; other times, she’d wake up screaming bloody murder.

2016-12-08 17.07.38

Love seeing those FOUR stockings!

2016-12-08 20.43.39

2016-12-09 10.46.00

We served dinner to the homeless again at Memphis Union Mission. HG was really excited about it and was mentally prepared since she had done it before. I helped HG and Lawson give out donuts. They were so nice to each man and most lit up when they heard those little voices say, “Merry Christmas!”

2016-12-09 17.33.09

HG neared a breaking point with babysitters in mid December as holiday parties hit an all time high, so I asked the Hasseltines if she could come play one night. Hastings was out with a friend, but Hayes was so sweet to her and they played games all night!

2016-12-09 20.38.37

2016-12-09 21.24.59

Vaco Christmas party at Kirk’s

vaco christmas

We took Selena Kate and Amy to Alpine Village this year.

2016-12-11 14.19.49

2016-12-11 14.29.10

2016-12-11 14.44.05

2016-12-11 15.08.29

2016-12-11 15.35.50

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