Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Snow Day 2017

Light snow was predicted for the morning of Friday, January 6th. We really didn’t get our hopes up although temps were looooowwww, but when John woke up early to hit the shower as usual that morning, he said it was starting to lightly fall. When he got out to drive to work, the roads were white but not slick. I laid awake, checking my phone for an update from school, while HG snoozed. 

FINALLY, the call came in that school was cancelled! When HG woke up on her own right before 7:00, it took a few seconds for her to realize what time it was and how we’d normally be late for school…and then her feet hit the floor and she was running for the window! While we didn’t get a ton of accumulation in Memphis (maybe half an inch; DeSoto County got several inches), the roads were really icy in spots for a day or two. It was a good call to cancel schools.

Around 8:00 a.m., the girls were ready to venture outside. It took us/ me a while to gather all of our needed winter gear, but we finally bundled up- Cressey wearing HG’s old bunny snowsuit. The snow was really coming down hard while we were out there, and I loved seeing the snowflakes gather in Cressey’s eyelashes. She seemed to really enjoy it, never crying a bit, and HG loved it for about 5.5 minutes. Then, she was immediately in dire need of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. We spent the rest of the day inside, watching the snow coming down and having a lazy day together.

Catching snowflakes on her tongue
2017-01-06 08.01.38
2017-01-06 08.02.31
2017-01-06 08.03.35-1

2017-01-06 08.05.04
2017-01-06 08.05.21
2017-01-06 08.11.57
2017-01-06 08.23.18
Look at those flakes coming down!
2017-01-06 08.48.54
HG on top; Cressey on bottom
2017-01-06 17.31.14
HG on left; Cressey on right
2017-01-17 21.58.06
HG on top; Cressey on bottom
2017-01-17 21.59.44
And just because it’s one of my favorites of HG, this is her peeling out of her snowsuit. The only part of the snow process that Cressey didn’t like was getting out of her suit. I didn’t get a pick because she was screaming bloody murder.

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