Monday, January 2, 2017


Since Christmas fell on a Sunday, Monday was the observed holiday. Thank goodness that John was able to play with us and the weather cooperated, so off to the zoo we went! We needed to walk off some of those calories from the day before!

As we pulled Cressey out of the car at the zoo, we realized she’d had a little accident. We had to strip her down and put her in a random onesie that I had in the car, and we had to go to the zoo store for a new tshirt for me and a blanket for Cressey’s lap. (It was warm but a little breezy.) Well, that was an experience!

Late in the afternoon (near feeding time maybe?) and on a cool and breezy day, the animals were a little feisty. We saw a fight between the hippos and snow leopards, and a lot of the cats were restless. It was a wild day!

2016-12-26 15.58.46-1

2016-12-26 16.03.23

2016-12-26 16.03.30

2016-12-26 16.20.53

2016-12-26 16.21.01

2016-12-26 16.21.07-1

2016-12-26 16.24.43

2016-12-26 16.29.58

2016-12-26 16.33.02

2016-12-26 16.41.34

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