Sunday, November 26, 2017

HGT Junior Cheer

For years, HG has wanted to participate in the Ole Miss Junior Cheer event before a football game, but we’ve been in Arkansas for either the practice or performance weekend…until 2017! We were able to make it work, and HG was so excited to do it with Sallie Key, Selena Kate, Ann Maxwell, Emmaline, and Mariella!

We went to Oxford for practice on a Sunday in late October and then went back for the performance before the November 11th game against Louisiana Lafayette. (It was FREEZING- and EARLY- on game day. They were such good sports.) They had learned two cheers and a dance, but due to a music malfunction, they were only able to do the cheers on the field before kickoff.

We rode down to Oxford with the Words, and after their performance, the girls wanted to head to the square so we did some shopping and lunching. We were able to meet up with Suzanne and Grace Ann too, so that was a special treat! I loved sharing our Ole Miss love with Helen Grace, and she sure does seem to have caught the Rebel fever.

Feeling pretty cool to be on the field at the Indoor Practice Facility

2017-10-29 09.52.13

2017-10-29 09.52.26

2017-10-29 10.17.12

2017-10-29 12.00.22

2017-10-29 12.00.36

Ginna and I dropped the girls off at 7 a.m. to practice on the field. It was in the 30s. Eek! They practiced for 30 mins and then we had two hours to kill.

2017-11-11 07.15.35

Trying to grin and bear it while we wait for an indoor place to open


And FINALLY, the Pavilion opened, and all we could find to feed the girls was a burger, fries, and a milkshake. They didn’t complain much.

 2017-11-11 08.43.35

HG’s first tattoo

2017-11-11 09.53.52

2017-11-11 09.55.30-1

2017-11-11 10.32.02

2017-11-11 10.45.19




Shopping on the square

2017-11-11 12.19.07

2017-11-11 12.19.41

Lunch at Boure

2017-11-11 12.44.30

“Girls, this is what you call a phone booth…”

2017-11-11 13.46.10

2017-11-11 13.46.37

A little visit with Faulkner

2017-11-11 13.48.42

2017-11-11 14.22.40-2

HGT Third Grade School Picture

2017-11-14 15.32.31

November 2017

Friday, November 24, 2017

CMT: 19 Months

2017-11-03 16.34.09-1

2017-11-03 16.59.23

2017-11-01 09.46.02

Cressey started her 19th month on November 8th with her first ear infection. She weighed 32 pounds and 34 inches. (She’ll take her meds easily if you first pretend to give it to her sister or the kitties.)

Reverted on sleeping. Used to be an easy-to-put-down baby, but now is tough to lay her down, wakes up more often, etc. Still sleeps on her tummy. Has almost outgrown her sleep sack but hasn’t found a new normal- blanket, footie pjs, etc. Still takes one nap in the mid morning.

Much more snuggly these days. Loves to lay her head on your shoulder.

Has mastered eating with her fork- can stab and get it into her mouth easily.

Terrible twos are officially here. Will lay out in a fit at the drop of a hat.

Loves to dance and will shake her booty on command. Squeals when songs she knows come on.

Pushes her hair out of her face yet does not like to wear a bow. Loves to play with headbands though.

Loves to watch Mickey, Puppy Dog Pals, Bubble Guppies (Bubbies), and recently Blue’s Clues.

When you tell her, “Take me to your room,” she’ll go to the stairs.

Seems to respond a bit more to discipline, most of the time anyway… HATES time out.

Words are coming quickly now. Will parrot anything you say.

Has learned how to walk on the rope (in line) at school.

LOVES school, squeals when we pull up, goes immediately to her teachers.

Loves to chew on toothbrushes and begs for toothpaste. Has a mouthful of teeth. Six in front on both top and bottom and one set of molars.

Still a big fan of Little Gym too. Prefers to wander around rather than participate with the group activity, but she is starting to figure out how to cooperate with the class (loves to run in the circle with the group).

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Halloween 2017: The Year of the Caterpillar & Butterfly

We started Halloween celebrations with a rockin’ third grade class party, complete with a race to complete mummy mannequins.

2017-10-31 14.16.39

2017-10-31 14.30.21

And then my beautiful butterfly emerged after school, ready to conquer the neighborhood as soon as the clock struck 4:45.

2017-10-31 16.45.01

Little sister caterpillar was cooperative with her costume and wanted to copy everything that her sister did. (HG wants me to clarify that she chose her costume first and that I picked Cressey’s to match.)

2017-10-31 16.45.30

We went to several houses in our neighborhood before John, HG, and I left Cress at home with Spiffer and GD to meet up with HG’s SAA friends. Our first stop was Ms. Marcy’s house. She had candy for HG and a little pillow for Cress.

2017-10-31 16.56.53

Not sure what’s the funniest about this pic…Marcy hiding in the window, the fact that Cress was throwing her pillow, or the cute little toddler-as-a-caterpillar walk.

2017-10-31 17.03.44

Onward! Now Cress is getting the hang of this!

2017-10-31 17.04.33

Wait a minute, she’s easily distracted.

2017-10-31 17.05.22

2017-10-31 17.06.02

But now she’s got the hang of ‘knock knock.’ Never mastered ‘trick or treat,’ but she loved saying and then doing ‘knock knock.’

2017-10-31 17.10.48

One of our neighbors insisted she have a sucker, and since she soon ate all the paper off of it, I gave it to her. And then handed her over to my parents and left. They weren’t too excited about that. (For the record, I did pry it out of her sticky hands before I left.)

2017-10-31 17.30.15

2017-10-31 19.04.32

The Garibaldis’ annual trick or treat gathering is always a huge hit!

2017-10-31 19.09.29

At the end of the night with a very tired (and cold) little girl

2017-10-31 19.47.10

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Pumpking Carving & Zoo Boo 2017

Cressey was not very cooperative/ interested in carving pumpkins.

2017-10-27 17.33.11

2017-10-27 17.33.21

She loves it yet is still grossed out by pumpkin guts.

2017-10-27 17.39.39

A kitty cat was this year’s design.

2017-10-27 18.16.22

2017-10-27 18.37.58

Again, Cress was not interested in participating.

2017-10-27 18.39.14

2017-10-27 18.39.50

2017-10-27 18.41.47

Zoo Boo with our butterfly and caterpillar. HG picked her costume first, and then I matched Cressey to her. HG informed me that this was the last year she’d allow them to match. (rolling my eyes)

2017-10-28 17.34.19

Cress didn’t like that I stepped away. HG thought it was hilarious.

2017-10-28 17.34.27

When we had a dress rehearsal in this costume, Cress threw a fit (I even had a shirt made that read ‘I refused to wear my costume’), but luckily, she liked it better when showtime came. She happily ran all around.

2017-10-28 17.34.59

2017-10-28 17.38.47

This is what a lot of our pics look like these days.

2017-10-28 17.39.29

Baby flamingo!

2017-10-28 17.53.58

2017-10-28 18.05.32

2017-10-28 18.09.09

2017-10-28 18.20.09

2017-10-28 18.36.36

2017-10-28 18.40.14

2017-10-28 18.41.28

2017-10-28 19.45.30

She usually always wakes up when I get her out of the car, but she was OUT this night. I was able to change her diaper and get her in bed pretty much asleep. So precious.

2017-10-28 19.47.24