Sunday, September 11, 2016

From the Mouth of Babes

Cressey was freaking out in the car. I asked her to put her paci back in. “Don’t you think I’m all over it, Mama?!” Followed by, “I’m back here with a screaming baby. What do you think I’m going to do?!”

I said, “HG, I just want you to eat so that you can grow.” HG says, “But why do you want me to be so tall?”

HG to Cressey: “Cressey, it won’t be the last time you choke. But LeBonheur is a great hospital.”

When Cressey sneezed, HG said, “To have such a small nose, she sure has a lot of snot to come out!”

While watching a music video, HG said, “I really like her. She has good sass.”

While we were in Jackson, she told Suzanne, “I’ve got plans for college- Ole Miss. My mama coached me to say that. When I said it on my own, she was so proud.” And then, “My mom and I love to go shopping for stuff and redo things. If we get tired of something, we just go shopping.”

First day of second grade: “Here’s a list of what I am going to do at school today: chase boys, chase boys, eat lunch, chase boys, chase boys.”

Mama: “Time to go to bed.”

HG: “I don’t wanna go to bed.”

Mama: “Well, I don’t care what you want to do.”

HG: “Well, Mama, that’s offensive!”

HG said, “I am going to do a fashion show. Get ready for the cuteness!”

HG and I were driving down I-40, and she asked if the extra lane on the side was a bike lane. I told her it was for times you needed to pull over if your car broke down, had a wreck, etc. She piped up, “Or if you need to spank your kid?”

HG was telling me about a boy hitting his best friend in the face. She said, “How does he even have a best friend???”

When I’m laying down with her at night, she won’t let me go to sleep, so I was reading a book. She leaned over and saw it was set in December. She said, “What’s going on? Halloween?” Then she thought about it and said, “Oh, Christmas! Sorry, God! Oh, actually, Jesus!”

The song “Shut Up and Dance” was on the radio, and mid-song, HG said to Cressey, “Now ‘shut up’ is a word we do not say.”

“Cressey, do you know how long I wanted a sister?!”

As I was squeezing Cressey one day, I said to her, “Ooooh, little bitty Cressey!” HG piped up, “Mama, she is NOT little bitty. She is {mouthed ‘fat’}.” (We’ve told her she’s not allowed to call her fat.)

HG told me, “I’m the miracle that made you a mama and daddy, and Cressey is the second miracle that made you parents.” And sure enough, I had a good cry right then and there.

HG to Cressey, “There are worse things in life to cry over than putting on your swimsuit. Like shots. But they keep you from getting sick.”

She was reading a book to Cressey at bedtime, Sleepy ABC. “J is for Jump- don’t bump your head!” And she added, “Now that’s a life lesson!” And then we talked about how a friend of hers had fallen over the weekend and was nervous about her classmates making fun of her face. She said, “No way! She fell and came back to school like, ‘Here I am!’ That’s a big deal!”

When I made HG get up at dinner to refill her own glass, she said, “Why do you make me do all the work??”

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