Monday, September 5, 2016

First Day of Second Grade

For the first time, HG had absolutely no back-to-school nerves. She was excited about getting back to her friends. She had a half day on Wednesday, August 10th, and we left extra early so that we’d have time to walk in with her. Surprisingly, we all got out the door on time! (I got Cressey up about thirty minutes before we left so that I could feed her but left her in her pjs.)

Helen Grace was excited about taking our annual door pic in front of our new door (but the sun was BRIGHT), and again, HG wanted to push Cressey until she saw Evie and they went running to their classroom. They apparently all chose pink for their first day jumpers, so we were met by a pink wave of little girls. We are excited about second grade with Mrs. Barker!

First day of second grade: “Here’s a list of what I am going to do at school today: chase boys, chase boys, eat lunch, chase boys, chase boys.”

2016-08-10 07.42.07
2016-08-10 07.42.51
2016-08-10 07.43.00
2016-08-10 08.02.15
2016-08-10 08.03.06
2016-08-10 08.06.20
HG won a “Game Face” Award, chosen by their gym coach, and her picture will hang in the hallway on display for the year.
2016-08-10 08.08.51
2016-08-10 08.08.56
2016-08-10 08.15.14
2016-08-10 08.15.31
2016-08-10 08.17.12
Mrs. Barker
2016-08-10 08.18.10
2016-08-10 08.26.24

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