Friday, June 17, 2016

Goodbye, First Grade!

Thursday, May 26th was a half day and the last official day of first grade. Cressey and I had a quiet morning at home before the craziness began. If only she knew what was coming?! The school supported the national Red Nose Day (to end worldwide child hunger), so the kids wore red noses for assembly. Looks like a wild crew- bless Mrs. Barksdale! Cressey and I went to pick up HG from school at noon, and then we went to Holiday Ham for lunch. We ran into Ellis, Lilah, and their mamas and sisters there, and by the time we finished placing our order, they had found us a table and saved us a seat (one for me at the mamas’ table and one for HG at the kiddos’ table)! HG was tickled pink to have lunch with her friends, and I thoroughly enjoyed their mamas! We came home to have a nice afternoon hanging out in Cressey’s room. HG is obsessed with crawling on top of her changing table and making herself a bed.

The last few {quiet} minutes of the school year

2016-05-26 08.38.05-2

2016-05-26 08.48.16

Red Nose Day

2016-05-26 11.43.17

2016-05-26 11.43.56

Waiting for carpool line

2016-05-26 12.00.00

2016-05-26 12.07.19

Lunch with Lilah and Ellis

2016-05-26 13.12.22 HDR-2

2016-05-26 16.38.32

2016-05-26 17.03.24

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