Thursday, June 23, 2016

Visiting Corporate America

On June 15th (and after her shots), I ventured out to show Cressey where her parents spend their working hours. Our coworkers were over the moon to finally meet her, and she behaved well- no spit ups or freak outs! Afterward, she joined Ginna, Katherine, and I for lunch at Houston’s and only woke up when the check arrived.

Look at these excited ladies at John’s office! I saw them all reach for their hand sanitizer when they saw us come in the door, and then they lined up, waiting for their turn.
2016-06-15 10.26.24
2016-06-15 10.30.44
2016-06-15 10.42.40
At my office, Justin saw me walking up to the building and was waiting on us at the office door. Kirk saw us as he came back from the bathroom, and being the baby hog that he is, he immediately took her out of Corrie’s arms for some snuggles. In turn, Lindsey came along and stole her from him. I met most of the rest of the office when I rounded the corner into the bullpen. They squealed and then wanted to get their hands on the baby. Was great to see everyone!
 2016-06-15 11.01.57
2016-06-15 14.38.12
Worn. Slap. Out.
2016-06-15 11.42.36
2016-06-15 13.36.22

Toohig Tidbits: June

At Newk’s after her dance recital, we sent her up to buy her own piece of cake. She came back to tell us proudly the lady called her ‘little piss’…or maybe little miss

At dinner, we were talking about what she liked to drink- either milk or tea. We asked her what daddy liked to drink, and she quickly answered, “Whiskey!”

When I don’t have any make up on, she likes to tell me that my ‘morning freckles’ are showing.

I was telling her how lucky she was to have a sister. “But Mama, you had a brother.” “I know, but I didn’t have the chance to get to know him like you have with Cressey.” “But Cressey and Jamin got to meet in heaven before she came down to us on earth.” Whoa, girl, that was deep!

FloRida has a popular song out called “My House.” I was being silly in the car one day when it was new and came on the radio, and I said, “Baby, whose house is it?!?!” She thought a minute and said, “God’s?”

“Mocha, that is a disturbing display!”

“The fast lane is my jam.”

On the last day of school, she got in the car, and I said, “That must be what a second grader looks like!” She said, “I’m not a second grader yet.” “Well then, what are you?” “A summer grader!”

“I love babies because you can play with their arms and they don’t fuss. {as Cressey swings her arms and pops her} Well, this one fusses!”

To C who is wearing a gown with a bunny on it…”It’s not Easter; I don’t know why Mama put you in that bunny outfit.”

At 7 weeks on a Sunday morning in Mama’s bed, Cressey smiled at HG.

While watching Grease, she said, “You can’t walk out of a drive in! Girls can do anything though!”

HG was telling me that someone got in trouble at school for saying the “sh” word. I thought, “Oh no, she’s figuring it out!” I asked her what word was that, and she said, “You KNOW…s-h-u-t u-p!”

HG to Cressey as HG tried to dance her around the bed in our room to soothe her: “I’m just trying to make your childhood better!”

Sister sweetness:
  • “I love this baby!”
  • “I’m so glad I have a sister.”
  • “April 8th was like Christmas.”
  • “When she starts clapping and laughing- boom!- our life is perfect!”
  • “I’m so glad we have this baby! We have another person to kiss!”
  • Zara Larsson sings a song with a lyric, “I’m gonna love you til the day I die. And I will always be by your side.” HG said, “That’s what sisters do!”
Smiles for sissy..."I love yooooouuu"
2016-06-01 08.47.44
Cressey received this adorable ‘future SAA star’ onesie in the mail from school, and it hit me the other day that she might have already outgrown it so I threw it on her and snapped a pic. From the looks of it, we just barely made it! SAA proudly put it on their Facebook page.
2016-06-10 16.47.10
I love the way she stays all curled up when you first put her down.
2016-06-01 22.23.41
John is always good for capturing cute ealy morning snuggles.
2016-06-02 05.53.20
The girls went with me on this errand in a warehouse, and HG was scared of a forklift moving around. She wanted to hold Cressey’s hand so that she wouldn’t be scared.
 2016-06-02 14.17.36
2016-06-02 16.04.35
Shenanigans with Courtlyn
2016-06-02 22.03.56
2016-06-02 22.04.01
2016-06-02 22.04.05
In all her Magic Merlin glory
2016-06-02 22.29.18
I spy…
 2016-06-02 22.30.49
2016-06-04 13.02.07
2016-06-04 13.18.42
2016-06-04 18.32.09 HDR-2
2016-06-05 08.22.48-1
2016-06-05 08.26.06-1
2016-06-05 15.40.07
2016-06-06 06.19.09
2016-06-06 07.00.04
Cressey stayed awake for a minute or two to see her sister ride.
2016-06-06 11.09.50
And then she was done…
2016-06-06 11.19.01
This was HG’s second lesson back since Cressey was born, and Jody said she had remarkably improved with longer, stronger legs. She’s really “getting it,” and is able to control her horse more. She can go from point to point on the horse following multiple directions- that’s a big deal and is a more advanced skill. As a result, during pony camp the following week, she and Mia were allowed to come outside in the ring and practice around the big girls. After this lesson, she begged me, “Can I stay the barn all day?!” (even after she fought me about getting dressed for the barn that morning- GAH!)
2016-06-06 11.32.57
2016-06-07 08.29.17
She tried out a gymnastics class and loved it.
2016-06-07 08.37.06
This is what C thought about the gymnastics class…
2016-06-07 10.15.57
C’s first Target trip (to get a leotard for the now blossoming gymnast)
2016-06-07 12.07.34
2016-06-07 18.24.01
2016-06-07 18.24.54-2
For the first time, we checked out the Germantown Charity Horse Show, and we loved it!
2016-06-08 09.32.11
2016-06-08 09.33.59-1
2016-06-08 09.38.42
2016-06-08 09.39.26
All worn out
2016-06-08 15.16.30
2016-06-08 17.55.53
Since we were upstairs in C’s room, we let her nap in her bed for the first time. She did so well, despite sissy constantly peeking over the rail!
2016-06-09 15.04.23
2016-06-09 15.04.312016-06-09 15.05.03
2016-06-10 05.40.34
I put on a baby tv show for a fussy baby, and HG snarled, “This baby stuff is so boring;” yet two minutes later, she was glued to it. Hmmm.
2016-06-10 09.20.43
Kitty love
2016-06-10 09.53.55
Another nap in her bed (with Spiffer on watch)
2016-06-10 13.22.59
Amazing blue eyes
2016-06-10 14.54.29
2016-06-12 10.47.24
HG is off to pony camp, and Cressey so wishes she could go too.2016-06-13 08.11.01-1
2016-06-13 12.26.38
2016-06-13 20.02.00
When you spit up on every outfit your mama puts on you, you get to nap naked.
2016-06-15 08.26.52-1
2016-06-15 18.51.27