Saturday, March 12, 2016

Women’s ‘Her Story’ Month

In March, St. Agnes celebrates Women’s ‘Her Story’ Month, and this year, they decided to put on a show for the event. Each grade, 1st through 6th, celebrated different kinds of women or their accomplishments (inventors, historical figures, artists, fashion, women in their own lives).

Each first grader shared some facts about their favorite female athlete and dressed up like them. Helen Grace chose a local Olympic equestrian, Melanie Smith Taylor. She practiced so much at school that she rarely agreed to do it for me at home, so I was a little nervous- but for no reason, of course. She nailed it and wasn’t even nervous!

Every grade brought a unique perspective on women’s history, and I am so thankful for a school that celebrates smart, successful, passionate women and teaches our girls to speak confidently in front of a large group at a young age. What a wonderful foundation to give a young girl!

She’s ready to go!
2016-03-11 10.02.22
2016-03-11 10.08.42
2016-03-11 10.09.32
2016-03-11 10.11.20
2016-03-11 11.02.50
2016-03-11 11.03.24
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