Saturday, March 19, 2016

Toohig Tidbits: First Half of March

As we got in the car one morning, I told Helen Grace that we needed to talk spelling words before we turned on a movie. She happily chirped, “That’s fine, as long as you do all the talking.”

“You should always be proud of what you do. Like when we lost in soccer, but we were still proud of ourselves.”

“The only things I care about in this world are candy, donuts, and Taylor Swift!”

While we were watching Wheel of Fortune, I was trying to explain how you win more money by correctly guessing letters. She defensively said, “You should be thankful for the money you DO have!”

As she complained how bright it was at bedtime now, she said, “I would like dark time savings time better than daylight savings time.”

We’ve both been frustrated with learning to tie shoes. She doesn’t like my method; I don’t know what ‘method’ she is trying to show me (which changes from day to day). Her teacher is having a Tie Party for all the girls who can tie their own shoes by April 1st, so she’s obviously been practicing. On the morning of March 15th as she got ready for school, she surprised me by successfully and relatively quickly tying her own shoes! Whoohooo!!!

HG made this drawing of all of her grandmothers. Peggy is a white butterfly “like in Ireland.” Apparently, she was listening to the Hibernians at her funeral.
2016-03-01 06.42.25
Brandy and I celebrated her birthday over dinner at Houston’s.
2016-03-04 19.16.10
I found this list written on the side of the castle in HG’s playroom. Smile
2016-03-05 16.00.44
Bubba and Spiffer (and GD) came over to play one weekend.
2016-03-05 16.04.21
Small town Saturday night. Dinner at McAlister’s with Grandma and the Browns after mass.
2016-03-05 19.37.24-1
2016-03-05 21.10.38
2016-03-06 08.26.04
On Sunday, March 6th, HG had riding lessons on Oreo. She cantered once, and as she was started her second attempt on him, Oreo tripped a bit, and HG rolled right off his back. I was videoing the whole thing and had a hard time not screaming a bad word, but luckily, she didn’t stick her hand out to catch her and hit her back and hip and rolled. It was the perfect landing, and she was calm and unflustered. She got right back on the horse at Ms. Jody’s instruction, although she just walked around for a while. Ms. Jody gave her a huge brown ribbon, the trophy for your first fall, so that made her happy too. She was filthy but didn’t even seem to be sore later.
2016-03-06 11.53.14
That night, Grandma came over to eat dinner and to watch the last episode of Downton Abbey (BOO HOO!). HG taught her to make corn dip before she went to bed.
2016-03-06 18.11.13
She’s been sleeping with this Mary statue lately as she says it keeps bad dreams away.
2016-03-06 18.54.15
We have our snacks, wine, and kleenex- ready for Downton Abbey.
2016-03-06 20.03.01
Is it the weekend yet? (It was only Thursday)
2016-03-10 05.57.03
HG has had her rocker from her nursery in her big girl room, so since we needed to move it back to Cressey’s room, we got HG a new chaise. It came in this week, and HG has thoroughly enjoyed reading and playing in it.
2016-03-10 18.55.09
She tried to sleep in it one night, and that lasted about 10 mins (5 more than Mama predicted).
2016-03-10 19.08.09
Taking a little nap during her riding class- ha!
2016-03-11 18.10.34
2016-03-11 18.13.45
2016-03-11 18.24.24

I love it when Mama’s right, especially about someone needing a nap…
2016-03-12 15.06.40
Leaving church with Grandma during our monsoon season of March
2016-03-12 17.58.39
2016-03-15 06.40.33
My little dinner date was NOT up for pictures.
2016-03-15 17.58.30
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
2016-03-17 07.05.18
2016-03-17 07.05.25
2016-03-17 13.24.53
After a very long day of six year old drama and attitude, I was brought to tears by this note I found in her lunchbox.
2016-03-17 21.13.57-1
Good morning, Friday! (leaving our neighborhood on the way to school)
2016-03-18 07.11.45
Almost the same spot as the sunrise but a rainbow on Friday afternoon!
2016-03-18 17.43.44
We were all excited to get Daddy home from a California work trip.
2016-03-18 18.35.34

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