Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Break: Part One

Helen Grace has had a big spring break stay-cation! She was out for a half day on Friday, the full week of March 21st, and then Better Monday too.

On her first Sunday-Monday, she had a slumber party with Grandma and played with her that next day. After Addie got out of MDO, they had a Chickfila playdate. When I picked her up to go to dance, they weren’t quite ready to say goodbye!
2016-03-21 15.47.47 HDR
I took off on Tuesday, and she was so excited to have a ‘Mama day.’ Reminded me very happily of the days before she started school. We spent the morning making cookies with Darby, Mary Mason, and Mary Chris. Darby had a great time following ‘heggrace’ around, and HG was tickled to have a shadow.
2016-03-22 10.31.55
2016-03-22 10.53.32
2016-03-22 10.59.51
2016-03-22 11.04.12
2016-03-22 12.07.07-2
On Tuesday afternoon, I headed to Oxford to get ready for Delta Gamma’s Founders Day. GD and Spiffer came down a little later with HG and Bubba, who was honored at Founders Day as a 75-year Delta Gamma member- wow, what an accomplishment! While Bubba and I were at the ceremony, GD and Spiffer chased HG around the square. We all had a great day!
2016-03-22 19.57.00

I didn't get a video from Founders Day, but Bubba did share this Delta Gamma song during her recognition. We all loved hearing it as we don't sing it anymore. Maybe we'll have to bring it back!

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