Saturday, March 5, 2016

Our Emily Is MARRIED

The weekend of February 27th was a very special one because our Emily got MARRIED!! We spent the whole weekend in Philadelphia, MS, celebrating.

Melissa and I carpooled down there on Friday morning so that we could make it to the bridesmaids’ luncheon at Emily’s friend Linda’s house. We had a great kick-off to the weekend with a delicious lunch and some quality time with Em and other bridesmaids and family before the weekend got hectic.

Afterward, Reba, Whitney, Melissa, and I checked into the hotel and met up with Will and Russell. We headed out to do a little local shopping at Williams’ Brothers and Kademi, and then we started getting gussied up for the rehearsal. After practicing for Saturday, we enjoyed a nice steak dinner at Ronnie’s, where Em luckily escaped any embarrassing story telling- ha!

First thing on Saturday morning, we headed to the church for hair and makeup. We enjoyed some funny moments with Em as our (Melissa’s, especially) hair had some hairspray-meets-teasing moments, and then the madness of getting dressed and taking pictures began. Eddie and John met us at the church and had a few minutes to duck into the fellowship hall before the ceremony and say hi to Em who was ready to get the show on the road- and to get away to Jamaica!

The wedding was amazing and beautiful, and John was tickled the entire time as I bawled my eyes out (for the record, Reba was crying too!), especially when I saw Em walking down the aisle. We have waited so long for this moment- to see Em happy and in love and to feel ‘whole’ with a partner for life. Whew, it was emotional! We know Mark loves her dearly and will take care of her for a lifetime. It was so special to witness.

While Mark and Em were stuck talking to every person in Philly at the reception, the rest of us enjoyed a LOT of cake (I obviously blew my glucose numbers that day), and then we showered them with rose petals as they left to head to Jackson. They caught a flight the next day to spend a week in paradise in Jamaica, and we know it’s just the start to a wonderul life of fun and laughter together! We love you, Mr. and Mrs. Fleming!

Bridesmaids’ Luncheon
2016-02-26 13.35.19 HDR
2016-02-26 13.40.16
2016-02-26 19.13.48
2016-02-26 19.56.41
Time to get ready!
2016-02-27 09.48.42
2016-02-27 09.49.24
2016-02-27 11.18.46
2016-02-27 11.30.54 HDR
2016-02-27 11.32.40 HDR
2016-02-27 11.50.55
2016-02-27 11.54.19
2016-02-27 13.18.20 HDR
2016-02-27 13.19.39 HDR
2016-02-27 13.21.39 HDR
2016-02-27 13.23.24 HDR
2016-02-27 13.24.25
2016-02-27 13.24.49
2016-02-27 14.30.20
2016-02-27 14.31.16
2016-02-27 15.25.42
2016-02-27 15.30.47
2016-02-27 15.54.28

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