Saturday, March 19, 2016

Helen Grace’s SAA Big Sis Shower

One of HG’s friends’ mamas, Dawn, approached us several months ago about having a special big sis shower for Helen Grace, a mother-daughter gathering. I thought that was a fabulous idea and a great way to help HG feel a part of the process and feel celebrated in her new role. Grandma and Spiffer came along to the shower at the Garibaldis’ to make the day extra special.

The little girls immediately ran upstairs to play in Mary Kate’s room (HG adds, “My mommy later said it sounded like a thunderstorm”), and the big girls (mamas and grandmas) circled the counter in the kitchen to catch up. Soon enough, it was time for HG to open gifts, and her friends surrounded her in a circle in the den floor, taking turns reading the cards out loud to the group and proudly watching their gifts being opened. It was adorable! Our friends were so generous, and so many gave HG gifts too- a teething necklace for her to wear and tons of matching sister outfits! Cressey now has tons of burp cloths with her own monogram, beautiful non-hand-me-down blankets and books, and adorable bloomers, sleepers, and loveys.

We later indulged in some delicious (and beautiful) cake made my Rachel’s mom, Perla, and it was totally worth the sugar spike! We all had such a good time celebrating the new sisters, Helen Grace and Cressey!

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