Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tooth #7

I woke up on January 26th with a dream that HG had lost another tooth in her sleep (like tooth #6 in July). She has had two loose ones, the two teeth up top on either side of the middle ones, but none were just hanging on by a thread. I asked her about it when she woke up, and she said the one on her left side was really loose. While I was getting ready for work, she came back in my bathroom to show me she had been wiggling it and it had started bleeding. She was a little teary (blood scared her) and wanted me to help her. I couldn’t make any better progress and suggested she let Mrs. Barksdale work on it (she loves pulling teeth), but as HG worked on it, she got braver and more determined. The tears dried up, and she eventually turned it. One more pull, and it popped out in her hand. That girl danced and danced all over our bathroom! She was so proud of herself! I told her that since she pulled it herself and saved Mama from having to do it, she could have whatever she wanted for breakfast- she chose a cupcake! (For the record, she gave it a few licks and then decided it was too chocolate-y.)

She came home from school talking about how there was a Chapstick/ Lip Gloss Fairy who would give you new chapstick if you left plain, boring, unwanted chapstick under your pillow. Within minutes of HG sharing this news with me, our class moms’ chat group LIT UP with people asking about what in the heck was a chapstick fairy??? Apparently, Evie was the first one to hear about her (ahem), and she has visited some of HG’s classmates (after much angst toward their parents). Last night, HG had her usual list of questions for the Tooth Fairy (Lily Starshimmer) and was pleasantly surprised that in addition to Lily’s letter, the Chapstick Fairy left her a new chapstick too. I told her that must mean that she only comes along with the Tooth Fairy! She was happy as a pig and danced out the door to school with her new chapstick in tow. Whew!

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