Monday, January 4, 2016

Pour Some *Sugar* On Me

For the first time in 46 years, Ole Miss made it to the Sugar Bowl. (Archie Manning was our quarterback at the time in 1970!) Since it was a pretty big deal, we decided that we had to go to New Orleans and experience it all.

We arrived in town around lunch on Friday, Jan. 1st, and checked in at AC by Marriott on Bourbon. The atmosphere was electric as we walked along Bourbon, and once we convinced her that people would respond to her, HG had a big time yelling ‘hotty toddy’ at anyone in red and blue. (Of course, they loved a cute little blonde yelling at them!) We stopped to buy her some red and blue beads with an Ole Miss medallion on it, and she proudly waved it at other Rebel fans. She even caught her first beads, decked out with a Col. Reb sticker of course, from a balcony on Bourbon! We entertained ourselves by exploring the French Quarter for the hour and some change that it took to get into a restaurant (found a little piece of heaven, a sweets shop called Sucre), but it was well worth the wait. We were seated at a table next to a huge window at the Bourbon House, and HG was in heaven waving at Rebel fans, many of which we knew. It was so fun to see so many faces from the past and from so many different parts of life!

That night, John and I went to the Super Dome with the Mullins, and the kids had a blast playing in the hotel room with Larry’s parents while we went to the game. We beat Oklahoma State 48-20, and it was quite a wild game. We really came alive the last half, and our boys made some incredible plays. We were proud Rebels!

The next morning, we took an Uber over to Cafe Du Monde for some beignets. We were there before 7:30 a.m., so we walked right in and were able to sit inside. (Who knew they had an inside part?? And we were grateful because it was CHILLY.) We later had brunch at Mother’s and then headed back north to get ready for school starting back on Monday.

We had a great time as a family and enjoyed the time to just play and explore together. AND our team got a huge win! Overall, the weekend was ‘Ole so SWEET’!

Ready for a road trip EARLY on Thursday morning
2016-01-01 06.38.16-1
Bourbon Street
2016-01-01 13.02.28
We thought this thing was so cool. We could not figure out how they were being held up. The next morning on our walk to Cafe Du Monde, they were already coming down. Glad we saw them Friday afternoon!
2016-01-01 13.30.51
2016-01-01 13.31.55
2016-01-01 13.52.05
We walked past the Royal Sonesta and had to step inside for a pic when we saw this hallway!
2016-01-01 14.01.36
Lunch at the Bourbon House
2016-01-01 14.16.21 HDR
These were actually some of my DG girls that spotted us inside as they walked by. Until they plastered their faces to the window and startled HG, I didn’t realize who it was! When HG saw that I knew them, she was tickled pink by all the exciting attention!
2016-01-01 15.03.46
2016-01-01 15.22.57-1
2016-01-01 15.33.48
Once she got her hands on that pompon, it was over. The SASS was ON. She was out of control and inseperable from that thing the rest of the trip!
2016-01-01 16.29.26
Ready for the game
2016-01-01 18.23.44
2016-01-01 18.42.42
2016-01-01 18.49.39
2016-01-01 19.34.54
2016-01-01 20.01.56
Celebrating our victory
2016-01-01 23.06.32
And we got home to this sleeping little girl, and John had to carry her back over to our room. She fell into the bed with her feet on the pillow, and I had the hardest/funniest time getting her turned around. I finally had to shake her awake to tell her to move her legs, and she thought that I was hilarious in her delirium. Silly girl!
2016-01-01 23.56.57
Breakfast of champions
2016-01-02 07.48.24
She inhaled two of these immediately. She is my child.
2016-01-02 07.49.08
Nothing like the French Quarter at 7:30 a.m.
2016-01-02 08.06.03-1
Watching the guys at Mother’s cook breakfast
2016-01-02 10.23.08
2016-01-02 10.41.23
It’s a wrap on a SWEET weekend!
2016-01-02 11.18.48
Poor girl couldn’t keep her eyes open, and it only took one suggestion from us to try to close her eyes for a mouse nap before this happened. She asked us how long she had to close her eyes. We suggested an hour. She said, “No, only 45 minutes.” She thought that was a deal. And sure enough, she slept about an hour. And was a much happier camper!
2016-01-02 15.03.24

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