Thursday, January 21, 2016

Front Row Grizzlies Game

On Martin Luther King Day, Helen Grace was out of school and got to experience yet another ‘bucket list’ experience before her mama did! John and HG enjoyed a friend’s tickets on the front row of the Grizzlies game, just to the left of the goal, complete with a parking pass in the players’ garage (they parked next to a Bentley).

They got to the game early and explored the floor and all the behind the scenes perks. As game time approached, he took her to the restaurant under the stadium to avoid the fireworks when the players are announced. She had some delicious clam chowder- “It must be good because it’s already gone”- and then was ready for the game!

She got to hold the game ball and caught a tshirt (with the help of a nice cameraman), sat on the floor for the halftime entertainment, and even enjoyed a run in with a very polite Pelican player! (I thought she would freak out as he careened toward her, but John said she was thrilled.) Those of us at home could see snippets of her on tv, but the goal mostly blocked her from the main camera shot. You could still see her bright yellow Growl Towel shaking at all the appropriate times though. She was into the game until the very last second, and people behind them told John that she was the most well behaved child they’d ever seen at a game. (Which was great because the Memphis mayor and a state congressman were sitting behind them!) What an awesome fan and big girl!

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