Friday, January 22, 2016

Cressey Update

When we were in New Orleans, the waiter at Mother’s asked it was just the three of us, and HG said, “Uh, no, it’s four of us counting Cressey in your tummy!”

HG has taken to telling everyone that Cressey tap dances on Mama’s bladder (which is true but slightly embarrassing to be shared with strangers). She was excitedly telling me that at school she tells her friends- and I panicked- but she sneakily smiled and said, “I tell them she dances on your belly!” Well, thank you, child.

Mid-January has brought leg cramps and restless leg syndrome, and within the last week, three strangers have asked me when I’m due! On January 19th, I could feel some kind of bone (an elbow, maybe?) sticking out of my tummy. HG thinks it’s awesome that she can lay the remote on my tummy.

January 9, 2016, 26 weeks 5 days
2016-01-09 19.37.28
January 12, 2016, 27 weeks 1 day: My coworker, Katie, took this pic of me at my desk the other day. That was the first day I noticed that the bow of my belt laid on top of my baby bump.
2016-01-12 13.48.23
January 19, 2016, 28 weeks 1 day: I had been to a work meeting that night, and all kinds of men noticed and asked about my baby bump. No more hiding her! (And my jacket is way past the point of buttoning)
2016-01-19 20.36.15-1
January 20, 2016, 28 weeks 2 days: 3D ultrasound at Dr. Neblett’s. Also, the same day of my three-hour glucose test (failed the first one by 10 measley points) and Rhogam shot (due to my negative blood type). It was a very long day, so it was extra special to get to see this sweet little face! Her heart rate was 153, and I’ve gained 16 pounds so far. Also, my blood pressure was great, so I was relieved to hear that. With the start of the third trimester, appointments now occur every two weeks. I passed the baseline and the third hour glucose test, but I failed the first hour (by just a smidge) and the second hour test (by a lot). They’ll let my high risk doctor decide a course of action, and I’ll see him in a few weeks.

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