Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 Snow Day

We had our first (and hopefully not last) snow day of 2016 on Friday, January 22nd. Up to 3-6 inches were predicted, but sadly, the storm went north of us and left us with just a dusting. (Roads ended up being totally fine.) Fortunately for HG though, the threat was enough to cancel school as early as dinner on Thursday, so we were able to put aside the challenging spelling words and enjoy staying up a little later than normal.

She woke up in the early morning hours hearing the sleet hitting the windows and was up again as soon as the sun came up to see the ground barely covered in a light coat of snow. I was suffering with a terrible head cold and was able to hold her off until 9:00 or so before going out to play. It was still coming down pretty good at that point, and we felt like we were in a snow globe. She ran around with the neighbors for a while, trying to put together snowballs as best she could. After 30 minutes or so, Mama came inside- it was cold! Helen Grace and Addie (from across the street) came over to play inside for a while, and after one more venture out in our backyard, they were done. We had a nice and relaxed long weekend- just what the doctor ordered!

2016-01-22 08.16.06

2016-01-22 09.44.32

2016-01-22 09.47.06

2016-01-22 09.47.37-1

2016-01-22 10.49.49

2016-01-22 14.11.49

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