Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zoo Boo: Musketeer

This year, we went to Zoo Boo with the Hudsons, and we started with a dinner outside at Babalu on a beautiful fall night, this past Friday. It was the first night of Zoo Boo, and it was EMPTY compared to years past. We loved having the place to ourselves, and the kids explored every nook and cranny of the place and made the rounds of the trick or treat stations. HG decided to be a musketeer this year, and she carried that sword every minute (and mostly the hat too), except at the disco where she handed it to me with, “Mama, hold my sword for me. I seriously have to get my groove on!”

2015-10-16 18.17.21Fun with John, Davis, and Farrah2015-10-16 18.21.58CF6C33812015-10-16 18.43.12CF6C3394CF6C3395CF6C3402CF6C3423I was shocked that HG got on this ride, but Hayley had her putting her hands up!CF6C3465CF6C34792015-10-16 19.13.372015-10-16 19.54.58HG was really into the “scary” stuff this year and acted like she wasn’t even phased by the graveyard, ghosts, etc. 2015-10-16 19.58.06She also wanted to try the fortune teller. Unfortunately by the end, she totally figured out that he had a cheat sheet with facts about her, but she was polite, still had a big time, and thought he was great.2015-10-16 20.15.352015-10-16 20.16.21CF6C3491Daddy had to ride the camel this year, since the littlest baby girl isn’t allowed to quite yet.CF6C3497CF6C35022015-10-16 20.40.39Obviously, she had a big time!2015-10-16 21.39.09

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