Thursday, October 8, 2015

Toohig Tidbits: September

At bedtime one night, she was being a drama queen. “Mama’s always mad at me!” She was holding something I couldn’t see, which turned out to be little medicine cups, and she said, “They are my tear cups to catch my tears!” Don’t feel too bad for her. Within two minutes, she was jabbering about Mrs. Barksdale and the popcorn party they had that day. “I just do not understand why we had it, but you know, I’m not going to ask. I’m just glad we had it!”

At sushi, she was pretending her chopstick was a magic wand. Pointing to me, she said, “Magic wand, change your attitude!” I guess she’s heard that a time or two!

She told a lady at the paint place, “My daddy’s silly- I get it from him!” Also there, a little boy was holding her hand and dragging him around. She said, “Mama, now I know how you feel with me dragging you around!”

“You haven’t been to Bass Pro, Mama? Whoa. Lots to learn.”

After she recently told me how to close out my apps on my phone to save my battery, she asked me if I noticed my phone holding ‘juice’ better.

“When you get to heaven, Mama, you’ll have to take pics and send them to my phone.”

“Mama is my safety weapon.”

“Mama is my best friend.”

At a Mexican restaurant, she was bossing me around about tacos. I asked her, “Who made you the queen of tacos? Is that your new title?” She said, “No, it’s ‘Sassy’ to you!”

At Bubba’s house for dinner, completely unprompted, I heard her ask her, “Bubba, is there anything I can do to help you?”

I asked her what was in her hair. She said, “None of your beeswax.”

John got to coach one of HG’s soccer games, and HG was so cute about it. She later told me, “I want Daddy to coach my next game.”

First SAA soccer game of the year2015-09-12 12.47.37P1080204P1080219P1080225P1080227Lunch with GD and Spiffer on GD’s birthday at the Hollywood Cafe2015-09-07 13.02.07-12015-09-07 14.47.462015-09-07 14.48.01Momo really can’t get enough loving2015-09-08 16.17.41Blue got a little too close to the shaving cream spelling word practice at bathtime…2015-09-09 17.49.42Flower cake from John on my birthday- isn’t it cute?!2015-09-10 14.47.06I forgot to take a pic with HG on my birthday and remembered as I lay in bed with her…so this is the best I got!2015-09-10 20.08.41We had family dinner at our house on the Friday following my birthday. HG asked to take a pic of me and Addie.2015-09-11 19.01.28And then it was their turn.2015-09-11 19.01.49The two of them put on a fashion show with HG as the designer and Addie as the model.2015-09-11 20.41.49First casual day of the year- spirit day/ wear blue or white2015-09-14 07.03.53HG’s first pep rally2015-09-14 14.12.26Sleeping in mommy’s bed is the best.2015-09-14 19.46.582015-09-15 19.52.232015-09-17 06.46.07We explored the Art Project after school one day- great play place!2015-09-17 15.36.272015-09-17 16.05.00 HDRHG with all of her masterpieces afterward at dinner at Memphis Pizza.2015-09-17 17.13.02Couldn’t leave without a little cornhole.2015-09-17 17.46.59Then we went back to school to watch our neighbor play her last home volleyball game for SAA. Way to go, Katie! I feel like we’ll see a lot more of HG in this pose in the SAA gym over the years!2015-09-17 19.01.40She was showing me how her teeth were pink from her sucker, but it’s a good look at her snaggletooth grin these days.2015-09-17 19.13.49Our favorite SAA star, #12!!!2015-09-17 19.49.19-1THIS is our perfect Friday night. In our pjs, cozy on the couch, with Momo by our side.2015-09-18 18.05.55Daddy is in charge of getting her soccer foot gear on. John actually got recruited to be a coach for this game against Grace St. Luke’s at SAA. HG thought it was so cool to have her daddy on the sidelines!2015-09-19 08.51.12Time for a Saturday afternoon nap (for mama) with the kitties.2015-09-19 15.44.32Friday night dinner at Bubba’s with our aunts and unclesIMG_20150925_1901092015-09-20 19.03.00Orange spirit day at school2015-09-21 07.04.05Trying to sear these little handprints on my car window into my memory2015-09-23 07.23.14 HDRSweaty and happy after soccer practice2015-09-23 18.02.21-22015-09-23 19.14.18Happy mama and happy baby girl. Homemade ice cream on the couch in our pjs.2015-09-23 19.40.43Me too, baby girl, me too. Mornings stink.2015-09-24 06.23.05-1HG came by my office one afternoon after school and HANK was there too!2015-09-24 15.23.132015-09-25 07.04.53Alexandra Coats has arrived! And on my birthday- whoop whoop!2015-09-25 17.17.212015-09-25 17.19.402015-09-25 17.20.31-12015-09-25 17.20.532015-09-25 16.21.51This cat loves her. It’s ridiculous.2015-09-27 07.32.16Saturday morning couch love2015-09-27 11.14.37I swear she asked me to take this picture and to share it on social media. Hand on a Bible.2015-09-27 11.49.37-12015-09-27 14.08.01-1Notice a theme?2015-09-30 06.15.32Such a big girl, waiting to see Dr. Vargo2015-09-30 14.16.13

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