Sunday, October 25, 2015

Toohig Tidbits: Baby Edition

HG hugged me big, and I said, “Awww!” She quickly said, “I wasn’t hugging you- I was hugging the baby!”

As our plane landed, coming home from the beach, she said, “I’m about to lose my lunch.” And then she put her hand on my tummy to protect the baby.

Before I started showing, she asked why my tummy wasn’t showing. She then said, “It’s cuddled up deep inside your tummy!”

“The baby must like chocolate milkshakes.”

“The baby is going to chase you around.”

“The baby will sit there at the kitchen table.”

“Will the baby like showers?”

“Oh, we need baby gates!”

“Does the baby like strawberry gooeys? You’re just saying that so you can have a bite!”

When she told her friends at school, Aubrey picked her up and squeezed her as hard as she could. Evie almost passed out in the cubbies. Ellis grinned ear to ear. And I got countless texts from the mamas within minutes of school letting out (Katie and Erin immediately)!

Throughout this process, she would ask who would be our favorite- her or a new baby. I always responded that she will always be our first baby and that she is special because she made me a mommy. She fretted over that for a bit, but she soon started telling me, “I’m special because I made you a mommy!”

At 10 weeks, she told me, “Mama, your tummy is getting big!” Then she leaned into me and said into my tummy, “Baby, scoot BACK!”

“I’m starting to believe this is a dream. This can’t be real life!”

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