Sunday, October 18, 2015

First Field Trip: Cedar Hill Farm

The first day back from fall break was quite the treat! The first through third grades of SAA went to Cedar Hill Farm for a field trip- HG’s first one! I was excited that moms were invited to go along and that she really wanted me to go. We drove Sara and Annabella, and the three of them had a party in the backseat. The cool weather of fall break was nowhere to be seen, and the temps made it to the high 80s. We almost melted and were covered in dust from head to toe, but we both had a great time showing her school friends one of her favorite haunts!

2015-10-08 07.43.02CF6C3125CF6C3132CF6C3156CF6C3168CF6C31822015-10-08 10.09.352015-10-08 10.09.40CF6C3194Pig races!CF6C32092015-10-08 10.38.22CF6C3217Riding the train2015-10-08 10.44.03Heading out to the pumpkin match and corn mazeCF6C3232CF6C3238The maze was ungodly hot and dusty, so thankfully, our group quickly lost interest in it and wanted to get a pumpkin and get back to the SHADE and water!CF6C3247She literally grabbed the first pumpkin she saw (first time ever).CF6C3248CF6C3354CF6C3366CF6C3371CF6C3375

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