Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall Break 2015: Alys Beach

For Fall Break, HG was out of school from Friday through Wednesday, so we took a friend up on an offer to stay at his place in Alys Beach. Over the years, we’ve spent a lot of time in Destin or Orange Beach, so we were newbies to this area so far east on the Gulf coast, but we fell in love! Alys Beach is a small, quiet community with a killer high-end (albeit casual/comfortable) restaurant, George’s, and it’s a short bike ride away from Rosemary Beach, which is crawling with shops and restaurants (and people). It’s a short drive from Seaside and all the cuteness there too. My parents came down for a few days too, and it was such a nice break from reality. The weather was CHILLY and cloudy, but we enjoyed hanging out on the beach or riding bikes in long sleeve shirts and pants. We grew our sweatshirt collection a good bit too! But the sun finally came out on our last day, which was when we met up with some of our SAA friends that stayed about five miles down 30A- perfect timing for some beach fun!

On our way! (ATL airport)2015-10-02 11.52.25We have arrived…this is the rooftop terrace2015-10-02 15.38.20Pretty proud of herself2015-10-02 15.39.01And a view of the living room and kitchen- gorgeous house!2015-10-02 15.44.422015-10-02 15.46.552015-10-02 15.47.16Entrance to the beach at Alys2015-10-02 16.44.19Finally have our toes in the sand2015-10-02 16.17.362015-10-02 16.24.422015-10-02 16.28.382015-10-02 16.29.05-1Checking out the pool2015-10-02 16.54.19BRRRR…she insisted on getting her toes in… I was cuddled up on a lounge chair in a sweatshirt with a towel, although I was enjoying a delicious -virgin- pina colada, with my lip quivering2015-10-02 16.56.33George’s for dinner on Friday2015-10-02 17.47.08The perfect way to wake up on the first morning of vacation. She slept on a twin mattress in the master bedroom, and she loved wrapping the curtains around her to make her own little room.2015-10-03 07.10.33Now she’s convinced she’s getting in the pool when it’s 65 degrees outside.2015-10-03 10.10.25And she decided the hot tub was the best way to accomplish her mission.2015-10-03 10.19.30We decided to give bike riding a try, and John was awfully brave! HG was a monster on this bike, riding without hands, standing up, pedaling like a maniac- wild about it!2015-10-03 11.31.55-1

Rosemary Beach’s shops were festive for Halloween and fun to explore as we waited for Spiffer and GD to explore.
2015-10-03 12.15.15 HDRSugar Shak2015-10-03 13.17.26Rosemary’s main drag2015-10-03 13.27.162015-10-03 13.30.02 HDRSpiffer and GD arrived! Time to explore the beach. John and HG found a friend.2015-10-03 14.42.42

2015-10-03 14.48.482015-10-03 14.54.25Alys Beach has a great pavilion overlooking the beach2015-10-03 15.14.562015-10-03 15.16.19 HDR-12015-10-03 15.25.34Duckies at Seaside2015-10-03 17.08.09Sunday morning, HG and I walked over to get Charlie’s Donuts for breakfast.2015-10-04 07.34.34This is totally normal.2015-10-04 08.20.56The butterfly whisperer2015-10-04 09.57.07After lunch at Cowgirl Kitchen at Rosemary2015-10-04 10.47.09It was so cold that we were all layered up.2015-10-04 12.39.41Something really funny was happening between these two.2015-10-04 13.27.322015-10-04 14.31.45-12015-10-04 15.22.14
As Spiffer pointed out, HG has been in three oceans this year: Atlantic in Ireland in May, Pacific in San Fran in Sept, and now the Gulf. It's been a good year!2015-10-04 15.41.412015-10-04 15.41.42-32015-10-04 15.56.58
2015-10-04 16.32.022015-10-04 16.32.36HG found some mussels (or something) in the water, and when we put them in a cup of water, their antennas came out and they moved around. So neat!2015-10-04 16.40.19Happy girl at the end of the day2015-10-04 19.31.452015-10-05 10.43.31-12015-10-05 10.43.40Sea turtle nest!2015-10-05 15.33.092015-10-05 15.34.24GD took HG out on a kayak.2015-10-05 16.22.57-1

And then Daddy took her out on a paddleboard. Big day of adventures!
2015-10-05 16.36.302015-10-05 16.40.222015-10-05 16.40.572015-10-05 16.45.58

Fast forward to the end to see HG stand up on the board!

Just a PEEK of sunshine to tease us
2015-10-05 16.51.16Dinner at George’s on Sunday night…whispering her wishes to the penny she’s about the throw in the fountain.2015-10-05 18.05.092015-10-05 18.10.542015-10-05 18.11.00-12015-10-05 18.11.04This is how Spiffer and HG spent most of their vacation- playing ‘wedding’ as the coordinators.2015-10-06 10.05.00Doesn’t she look like a teenager sitting like this??2015-10-06 10.32.442015-10-06 12.32.15On Monday, after Spiffer and GD left, we met up with some SAA friends that were staying nearby. It was the first day that was warm enough to warrant a swim suit, and the sun came out by the end of the afternoon!2015-10-06 14.02.28-22015-10-06 14.33.232015-10-06 14.33.532015-10-06 14.54.442015-10-06 16.00.18We went to dinner together at La Cocina that night. While we waited, the girls busted moves on the dance floor and really got the party started. It was a fun end to a great trip!2015-10-06 19.11.512015-10-06 19.31.45Monday morning- this was her response to my telling her it was time to get out of bed and go home.2015-10-07 07.26.26She was disappointed we didn’t get to SkyClub on the way there since John wasn’t with us, so he made sure to get her in on the way home. She was a happy girl.2015-10-07 12.13.58Momo sure was glad to see us.2015-10-07 15.51.19And these two girls sure did sleep well Monday night!2015-10-07 19.27.51


Friday: Dinner at George’s in Alys Beach
Saturday: Lunch at SK2 in Rosemary, Dinner at Great Southern in Seaside
Sunday: Lunch at Cowgirl Kitchen in Rosemary, Dinner at La Crema in Rosemary
Monday: Lunch at Pickles in Seaside, Dinner at George’s in Alys Beach
Tuesday: Lunch and dinner at La Cocina in Alys Beach

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