Wednesday, October 21, 2015


This past Sunday, Helen Grace invited her SAA friend, Evie (and her mama), to join us for a matinee performance of Cinderella at the Orpheum. We met for lunch at Local, and the girls were so good and entertained themselves that Leslie and I really got to have a good gab session. We ran into so many friends at the Orpheum (Sallie Key, Mariella, ‘baby’ Emily, a friend from the barn), and the show was fantastic too. We saw it in NYC during a tropical storm a few years ago, but it was still kind of like new to HG. Evie is big into drama, so it was fun to see her get so excited too. Lots of jazz hands all around!

HG is wearing the dress that Grace Ann wore to our rehearsal dinner nearly 10 years ago.CF6C35102015-10-18 09.55.472015-10-18 09.55.542015-10-18 12.37.272015-10-18 12.38.102015-10-18 12.38.572015-10-18 12.41.442015-10-18 15.20.44

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