Monday, October 12, 2015

And It’s A…

In recent years (or maybe even months), they’ve developed a blood test that can detect genetic issues and determine gender at 10 weeks. It takes about two weeks to get the results back. At the end of September, we were biting our nails, hoping our results came back before we left town for fall break.

On Wednesday, Sept. 30th, I called to check in with my nurse, and it turned out that the results had been faxed to the wrong office!!!!! So they tracked them down and had the results- AHH! We wanted to all be together when we found out, so nurse Jeanne wrote the results down and sealed them in an envelope. HG and I went by the office and picked it up, and it burned in our hot little hands for HOURS until John and grandparents could come over. HG wouldn’t let it go, which was probably smart since I would have tried to cheat!

We went to Kroger and got blue and pink balloons, plates, and cookies. HG had a blast finding just the right selection of each, and you would have thought she’d never seen a balloon by how excited she was with the bunch of them. Oh, and the ride home- whoa!

FINALLY, John and the grandparents came home, and we all gathered around the dining room table that HG had set, including the sign she made just for the occasion. (She even coordinated her outfit with pink shoes and a blue top.) We let HG open the envelope, and thanks to scientific terms, she needed a little help to read it. Most importantly though, all genetic tests came back NORMAL. Praise the Lord for a healthy baby!! Enjoy the story in pics below, as well as the story as told by Helen Grace…

2015-09-30 13.57.452015-09-30 14.10.102015-09-30 17.14.442015-09-30 17.20.482015-09-30 17.21.162015-09-30 17.24.252015-09-30 17.57.06Collecting votes (which she made even because it was very ‘girl’ heavy)CF6C3104CF6C3116CF6C3105CF6C3110CF6C3119CF6C3120And it’s a…
CF6C3122She said all of her dreams came true with a baby sister! She was purely ecstatic!

The story as told by Helen Grace:

It was the day that we were going to discover that it was a girl. We got dressed, went to school like we normally do, and then I just remembered that after school we went to my mommy’s doctor’s office and got the envelope on the fifth floor. There were two things highlighted inside the envelope. I didn’t know what it said, so my mommy had to whisper to me that it was ‘girl.’ It said ‘female.’ We celebrated with cookies and everybody loved it. I slept in my mommy’s bed, and we were so excited. We went to school the next day. My mommy looked at the pictures- it was only 13 weeks old. She was so cute but barely there. It takes a long time to have a baby, Mommy said.

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