Tuesday, June 2, 2015

SK Graduation

May 21st was the day we had been counting down to for *quite* some time- SK graduation day! We officially now have a first grader- AHHHH!

MoMo was helping entertain HG while I curled her hair. Poor cat.2015-05-21 07.07.272015-05-21 08.14.35Evie and Bella Marie2015-05-21 08.17.192015-05-21 10.49.10Evie, Rachel, Mary Caroline2015-05-21 18.12.54Dani, Elise, Rachel, Mary Caroline, Annabella, Evie, Olivia, Sophia2015-05-21 18.13.052015-05-22 07.26.08CF6C9138She nailed her speaking part. As I tried to help her prepare and practice, she blew me off by saying, “Mama, I will be able to look down and read it!”CF6C9168

CF6C9173President Dausch surprised us by accompanying the kids with “Let Them Be Little” on guitar. All the mamas lost it, and I did especially at, “Let them sleep in the middle.”CF6C9190P1060883P1060884stage”I Am A Promise”
Dean Boccia gave out diplomas to the girlsCF6C9184CF6C9185
The children gave their parents a flower and a blessing, and then we blessed our babies. Cue the floodgates. I couldn’t finish our blessing!CF6C9202CF6C9207I lost it at the part of the blessing of the children where we said what a treasure they were. I mean, how can she even begin to understand what an absolute miracle and treasure she is to us?!2015-05-21 19.35.072015-05-21 19.40.10CF6C9217CF6C9220CF6C92212015-05-20 10.05.53-1HG wanted to go somewhere ‘fancy’ afterward for lunch. She requested the Peabody, but we talked her into Gristanti’s at Embassy Suites since it was so much closer and they had ducks, fountains, etc. Well, when we got there, we discovered the entire lobby was under construction. No ducks = graduation lunch fail. But we were redeemed when her friend, Turner Grisanti, showed up! He and HG were such good friends last year, but he switched schools and we haven’t seen him in forever. They were so excited to see each other but quite shy. His grandmother requested this picture as she played matchmaker. So cute!2015-05-21 18.44.53

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