Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Christy’s Wedding

It seems that Christy and the Magnificos have been a part of our life almost as long as I’ve known John.

After John graduated from Ole Miss with his MBA (where we met), he came home to Olive Branch and volunteered to coach a youth soccer team. Enter the Magnificos. Christy was in the 6th or 7th grade at the time, and he coached her for a few years in the youth league. Then, her family was very instrumental in getting John onboard to coach soccer at Olive Branch High School for Christy’s high school years, and she played on John and CB’s coed soccer team too. When we signed HG up for OB youth soccer at four, Christy volunteered to be her coach, and her boyfriend, Danny often came to assist. HG regularly asks for John and I to go out and let Christy (and Danny too) babysit, which usually means a pizza and ice cream date. They are fast friends, and HG adores Christy.

On a Christy-Danny-HG date night this past winter, they asked HG to be their flower girl in their June wedding, and HG was so excited! She was a flower girl in CB and Emmy’s wedding when she was two but doesn’t remember much about it. We enjoyed going shopping for flower girl dresses with Christy and trying them on to check their spin factor.

The big day finally arrived on June 13th! The day before, HG and I (and of course, we enlisted Spiffer and GD!!!) hosted a bridal luncheon for Christy and her girls, and HG was such a good hostess, showing people where they were to sit and asking if they wanted a mimosa or bellini (hilariously adorable). On wedding day, she had a blast getting ready with the big girls and following around Christy’s sister, Lesley. (God bless Lesley for being such a good sport!) She danced the night away too and just soaked up all the attention that the big girls gave her.

What a fabulous weekend celebrating a fabulous couple and a beautiful merging of families! We wish Christy and Danny a long, happy, beautiful life together!

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Bridal Luncheon at the Painted PigeonCF6C1732CF6C1738CF6C1740CF6C1742CF6C1751 - Copy (2)CF6C17582015-06-14 10.53.53Getting ready for the ceremony- John was in charge of videotaping it. A true family affair. 2015-06-13 15.07.012015-06-13 15.22.432015-06-13 16.05.582015-06-13 16.08.33CF6C1792The wedding party talked HG into dumping flower petals on the ring bearer’s head during pics. As mortified as I was, they really egged her on, and she LOVED IT.CF6C1810CF6C1903CF6C1967John and some of his OBHS soccer girlsCF6C1972CF6C1974CF6C1982CF6C2007CF6C2056Happy girl with the long awaited cakeCF6C2096CF6C21642015-06-13 19.32.32

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