Sunday, April 19, 2015

Toohig Tidbits: Early April

HG was helping me make soup for dinner. I accidentally put one ingredient in the pot before HG was ready to help me. She said, “It’s ok if you do one thing without me, but if you do more, it’s gonna get UG-LY.”

“Every morning when I walk down the stairs and see daddy, I fall in love with him all over again.”

While taking Maren to school on April 9th, I heard HG say, “My mom’s funny!” I’m writing that down so that one day I can remind her she felt that way!

At soccer practice, HG put on a penny for a scrimmage and said, “I’m number 6, and it’s upside down!” Ummmm, that’s a 9, child.

I offered HG some of my applesauce and she declined. I asked her, “Why won’t you eat after me?” She said, “Because you have germs.” I asked, “Are you too good for my germs.” She said, “Everybody has germs, Mama; keep up.”

HG and John were wrestling. John said, “I’m stronger than you!” And HG replied, “But I’m smarter!”

HG asked me if she would have a boyfriend when she was 16. I joked that she might want one but her daddy would run off all the boys. She nodded and said, “Because that’s how life is.” Within this same conversation, she also told me that Schuler liked her and she knew that because Aubrey told her that boys are attracted to blonde hair, and she caught him staring at her hair all the time. ‘Attracted’ means you can’t stop looking at something. OMG.

President’s Report on George W. Bush

She picked some flowers with Grandma in her yard for her teachers. They fawned all over them, and she was so pleased with herself.2015-03-30 07.46.24Mrs. Mungle & Mrs. Aviotti’s SK Class 2014-20152015-03-30 18.02.57HG is having a problem remembering to write her name on her paper, so I took a pen to her hand. It worked for a day!2015-03-31 07.54.212015-03-31 08.02.322015-03-31 08.03.532015-03-31 08.03.572015-03-31 08.04.022015-04-02 16.03.53-12015-04-02 16.34.39She loves being quality control. This morning it was blueberry muffins.2015-04-03 07.50.32She picked out this birdhouse from Davis Kidd. She painted the pattern of leaves on the front and then created the design of the tree on the back.2015-04-03 08.32.04Trying on her dance recital costume. My kitchen floor will never be the same, thanks to the crazy amount of glitter.2015-04-05 17.25.462015-04-05 17.26.382015-04-05 17.27.262015-04-05 17.27.27

Addie and HG playing in the yard between their houses that CB and John grew up playing in2015-04-06 12.11.37Fell asleep holding mama’s hand2015-04-06 19.59.23She found this banana that I put in her lunchbox, and she asked me to make it like a phone. I added the keyboard, but she wanted to add the speakers.2015-04-07 07.57.31Time for a “healthy cut”2015-04-08 15.00.09Yet another selfie I found on my phone2015-04-09 18.20.49This stupid cat is obsessed with shadows and will literally chase them all over the walls.2015-04-10 06.22.332015-04-12 07.17.56Dyeing Easter eggs at Spiffer’seaster_eggs_MOTION

2015-04-12 11.06.282015-04-12 11.17.22-1

Daddy’s so much fun!2015-04-12 12.11.28She picked out this outfit for a walk around the neighborhood. She looks SO GROWN UP (and was pouting because we wouldn’t carry her).2015-04-12 14.11.59Bathtime kisses2015-04-12 16.57.35-1Isn’t this how you go upstairs to bed???2015-04-12 18.23.052015-04-12 18.23.29Colton’s for family dinnerP1060455

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