Sunday, April 19, 2015

SK Star of the Week

Last week, HG was FINALLY star of the week. Man, she’s been waiting and waiting and waiting all year. It was all she could talk about for the last few weeks.

As part of the festivities, she had to write a book report (Howie Finds a Hug), complete an All About Me sheet, bring a show and tell (kaleidoscope), bring 25 estimation items (gumballs), and have a surprise reader (Grandma on Friday). Most importantly, she got to wear a crown and be the line leader ALL WEEK LONG.

On Monday, she took home baked cookies to her class, and she asked if I had a meeting that day and if I could come eat lunch with her. Of course, I said yes and enjoyed lunch with her adorable and very chatty classmates. I went back on Friday with Grandma for lunch and then to watch her read to the class. The kids were so well behaved in the classroom, and they loved the stories- Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes and Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse.

Monday morning excitement2015-04-13 07.12.02Friday lunch2015-04-17 13.20.402015-04-17 13.27.10Mary Kate, HG, Bella Marie2015-04-17 13.31.492015-04-17 13.39.512015-04-17 13.40.012015-04-17 13.53.57

2015-04-07 18.04.54Saw this Green Eggs and Ham book outside her classroom2015-04-13 07.59.46And also, we got to see how her seeds are coming along.2015-04-13 08.00.00She drew a pic of me on her ‘window’ on her desk. I’m wearing a polka dot dress. Smile2015-04-17 13.47.06

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