Sunday, April 19, 2015

Nursery Rhyme Day

On Wednesday, April 15th, the SK class presented their nursery rhyme show. HG was assigned “Pat-a-Cake” (with ‘mark it with a B’) and performed side by side with Lilah- thank you, Lord, for some moral support! 

She’ll tell you that she was kind of nervous, but she didn’t look it at all both beforehand and during the performance. Since Lilah’s version was a little different (and the version HG grew up with), we wrote ‘pat’ on her hand so that she could remember that word instead of ‘roll.’ That seemed to ease her worries a little, but when it was her turn, she didn’t hesitate at all. After Lilah’s turn, the girls did the cutest curtsy and bee-bopped off the stage.

After the show, their class stayed behind for a daddy that was late, and Lilah and HG volunteered to do theirs one more time so he could see it and then his son’s, just like the real show. Once again, she just pranced up there and said her part like it was no big deal. I am so thankful that SAA has given her so many opportunities to get comfortable speaking in front of people.

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The whole SK show

Just HG and Lilah

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