Sunday, April 26, 2015

Grandparents’ Day: A Barnyard Moosical

SAA-SDS’s Grandparents’ Day program this year had a barnyard theme, and HG was a gourmet goat that liked to make pizzas. She has spent weeks perfecting her ‘maaaah,’ and Mrs. Marques saw me at school last week and told me how much she loved HG’s goat noise and how well and enthusiastically she said her line.

HG was super excited for the show and was not nervous a bit. As she stood up for her goat part of the program, her apron came untied. She fiddled with it at first and tried to hold her apron behind her, but when it was time for her part, she let it go and went on with the show. Mrs. Aviotti even complimented her on being so grown up about it! She did an awesome job with her line- “Most goats eat garbage or clothes off the line.”

As her class left the gym, she was a little sad and trying to tell us something, but we couldn’t understand her. When I picked her up in her classroom to go to the reception, I realized she had changed her mind and wanted to go home with her grandparents instead of staying at school. Of course, they were very willing to oblige! She played the afternoon away with GD and Spiffer and, of course, had lunch at Chick-fil-A.

An afternoon rainstorm cancelled soccer practice, so at HG’s request, we went to Kroger for the ingredients for cupcakes, came home and made a mess in the kitchen with music playing, ordered pizza, sat around the table with John, and played and laughed until bedtime. A perfect day!

She came downstairs with a bad dream the night before, and we woke up to this little angel in our bed.2015-04-24 06.02.13I walked into school with this little goat and horse (Mary Kate)!2015-04-24 07.58.37-12015-04-24 09.37.42-1P10605792015-04-23 09.20.142015-04-23 09.37.402015-04-23 09.39.172015-04-23 09.39.442015-04-23 09.39.462015-04-23 09.40.002015-04-23 09.40.512015-04-23 09.41.012015-04-23 09.42.48-12015-04-23 09.42.542015-04-23 09.44.092015-04-23 09.50.062015-04-23 09.54.18Showing me her cubby2015-04-23 10.03.17And she was so proud of her American Symbols journey. She sat me down and read me every single page.2015-04-23 10.05.132015-04-23 10.08.202015-04-23 10.08.392015-04-23 10.12.322015-04-23 10.13.252015-04-23 10.19.222015-04-23 10.19.33CF6C8870CF6C8873P1060601P1060603

Her line!


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