Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cousins’ Easter Egg Hunt at Bubba’s

On the Saturday of Easter weekend, Bubba, Aunt Di, and my mama hosted a cousins’ Easter egg hunt at Bubba’s house. Amy and Selena Kate were in town from Louisiana, and Ryves was on call but not stuck at the hospital so he got to bring his girls!

Bubba’s three great-granddaughters had a grand time ruling the roost and hunting for eggs together. I hope it’s the first of many years of this Easter tradition! I had so many flashbacks in that front yard of hunting in that same place with my cousins all those years ago. I tried to get Ryves to recreate this moment below, but he would NOT work with me. GAH.IMG_0013

So here are some of our moments from Easter Egg Hunt 2015…2015-04-04 15.49.322015-04-04 15.54.232015-04-04 16.05.242015-04-04 16.05.30The daddies/granddaddies hard at work hiding the eggs2015-04-11 21.16.59The girls played in the driveway while they waited, somewhat patiently.CF6C8201And the hunt begins!!!CF6C8213CF6C8218Sharing is caringCF6C8243CF6C8244Spiffer lending a helping handCF6C8256CF6C8266Bubbles!CF6C8308CF6C8319And I just thought we were taking a cute pic…CF6C8347…and then I realized what GD was doingCF6C8349CF6C83502015-04-04 16.35.09-12015-04-04 16.39.302015-04-04 16.40.01-12015-04-04 16.40.50Surveying their lootCF6C8354CF6C8359I don’t remember what had just happened, but John looks like culprit.CF6C83652015-04-04 17.42.152015-04-04 18.20.17We stopped by the flower cross at Byhalia United Methodist Church, one of my favorite Easter traditions, on the way home.2015-04-04 19.27.16CF6C8375CF6C8381CF6C8384CF6C8386CF6C8389CF6C83942015-04-04 19.29.28

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