Thursday, March 5, 2015

“Winter Weather Lasagna”

Last night, March 4th (Wed), our local weatherman proclaimed that a “winter weather lasagna” was coming our way. It had been raining for days, and the temps were in the 50s and 60s on Wednesday. But late afternoon, the freezing rain and sleet started and continued all night, and the temps drastically dropped into the 20s. The snow started in the wee hours of the Thursday morning and kept on coming until mid morning. In anticipation of this lasagna, schools all cancelled around dinnertime, so we all went to bed happy and excited for a snow day on Thursday.

When we woke up, the entire ground was covered in an inch or two of ice, topped by an inch or two of fluffy, dry snow. Wow! It’s been a while since the streets were so covered with snow that you couldn’t see them other than the mailboxes lining the sides. HG was so excited to see the white and held up Blue, explaining to him what it was. (shaking my head) Within 15 minutes of waking up (at the crack of dawn), she was begging to go outside. I put her off until 8:00, and then we suited up and headed out.

{Side note: I had scoured the town for ski gloves and a sled all week and finally hit the jackpot at Outdoors. Of course, HG wouldn’t wear the gloves but LOVED the sled. I had it waiting on her in the car when I picked her up from school on Wednesday, and she didn’t let it go all night. So she pulled that thing all over God’s white creation on Thursday morning.}

On Thursday morning, we pretty much had our street and the lake to ourselves to explore for an hour or so. I guess everyone else was still warm and cozy in their beds?! So fun to make the first footprints! {Came to find out that UPS and FedEx Ground were even closed today- the whole city literally came to a halt!} After exploring, we scooped up a big bowl of snow and came inside to warm up and make snow cream. The last time we made snow cream, HG was 18 months old or so, but this was the first time that she remembered it. As we prepared our bowls, she came out of the pantry with an armful of toppings- yum! I’m liking her additions to the tradition!

Soon, we started getting texts from our friends that were finally awake and were ready to play. We suited back up in dry clothes and headed down the street to sled with Sallie Key, Lucy, and Casey. We were so thankful to have a sled, and HG had a GRAND time whizzing down the hills. After two hours or so, I pulled her away to head home to warm up and eat lunch. As we neared our house, we saw Mariella down the street in her yard, so we made a detour to take a sled ride together (now, THAT was an experience), and then we retired. HG was done with the cold for the rest of the day! We ate potato soup and corn dip on the couch in front of the fire for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon playing ‘be her.’ Bath and bedtime came early and easily for the Toohig girls!

2015-03-04 14.03.082015-03-04 14.46.062015-03-04 14.48.092015-03-04 14.56.13First glimpse of snow on Thursday morning2015-03-05 06.32.052015-03-05 08.54.15-12015-03-05 09.00.422015-03-05 09.01.112015-03-05 09.02.412015-03-05 09.17.372015-03-05 09.17.482015-03-05 09.20.012015-03-05 09.21.572015-03-05 09.22.572015-03-05 09.23.562015-03-05 09.25.332015-03-05 09.31.382015-03-05 09.40.292015-03-05 09.44.16Last snow cream- January 20112015-03-05 09.49.462015-03-05 10.25.082015-03-05 10.59.572015-03-05 18.47.32

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