Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tooth #4

While babysitting baby Claire last Friday night (March 20), I heard HG’s tummy RUMBLE, which prompted me to ask her what she had eaten that day. The girl’s remaining front tooth was so loose that she couldn’t even drink a milkshake. All she’d had was a few crumbles of a graham cracker. We spent about an hour in Katie’s bathroom as I tried to talk her into letting me (or her) pull her tooth- which yielded a lot of tears but no tooth. When we got home that night, John and I decided that if her tooth was so loose that she wasn’t eating, it was time to pull it. I tried again, but finally we had to call in the big guns- Daddy. It was a little traumatic, but John had that tooth out in 5 seconds flat. After all of that drama, we told her she could have anything she wanted to eat. Of course, she requested a chocolate milkshake in bed! That’s my girl!

She had been resistant to loosing that last tooth. Sometimes she said she didn’t want to let go of her teeth, but we keep all of her baby teeth. Other times, she said she didn’t want the kids to make fun of her. After it finally came out, we oohed and aahed over her beautiful new smile, and it seemed to do the trick. She was happy and confident about it. WHEW.

The tooth fairy came to visit and left her $5 for all of her troubles.

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