Sunday, March 29, 2015

Toohig Tidbits

The sweetest words I have ever heard…“I want to be an Ole Miss girl like you, Mama.”

“St. Agnes is always happy. St. Agnes is a smiley face.” ~a song that HG made up

She was telling us how one of the boys in her class always has perfect hair. “I usually have at least one, if not two, nests in my hair when I go to school!”

Poor Blue2015-03-22 15.45.39Family dinner at Newk’s. These two are trouble.2015-03-22 18.11.092015-03-22 18.11.172015-03-22 18.15.16Look at this new grin!2015-03-23 07.13.35Career Day- she wants to be a teacher, and she has very strong genes for that teacher finger point!2015-03-25 06.43.292015-03-25 06.44.09Emma was also a teacher, and she had a badge too- so funny to see such little teachers!2015-03-25 08.42.50Look at this crazy cat!2015-03-25 09.30.13And now Bad Blue is on a roll…2015-03-27 06.57.02-1Soccer practice- Tripp and Madeline (little siblings), HG, Ellis, Lilah, Mary Caroline, Bella Marie, Mary Kate2015-03-27 17.04.13After-practice Friday night dinner at Bronte2015-03-27 18.24.28Riding lessons on Sunday morning with Grandma, Peggy, Edie, Gene, and John cheering her on. This is called ‘merry go round.’2015-03-29 10.26.56Loving on Beanie2015-03-29 10.27.022015-03-29 10.27.252015-03-29 10.30.212015-03-29 10.32.25

After-riding lunch at Huey’s2015-03-29 12.08.182015-03-29 12.12.26

Soaking up this snaggletooth grin and the adorable little lisp that comes with it…also, she is definitely my child. Loves to record directions on how to do something. Constantly teaching. And never met a camera she didn’t like.2015-03-25 15.52.06

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