Thursday, March 26, 2015

Toohig Tibdits

While playing school with Spiffer, she said, “Make sure to turn your collar down so that you can be a proper little girl.” {obviously a Catholic school girl}

“BLUE TOOHIG!!!!!” is screamed daily in our house.

“So is a ‘mothership’ a boat full of mamas??”

While I’m asking her to brush her teeth or get dressed for school and she’d rather be watching tv or playing, she tells me, “I’ve been praying for you to be nicer.”

In our last trimester conference, Mrs. Mungle said she can see her character growing by not giving up when learning. If she doesn’t get something the first time, she keeps trying and doesn’t give up.

She told me the other day- “I love you, but I’m trying to teach you a lesson.”

She’s been ending up in our bed in the middle of the night lately, so one morning, she was still snoozing while I was getting ready. As I walked by the bed, she started giving me kisses in her sleep.

HG asked me recently if I had an iPhone 6 or 6+. This came after we talked about how you had to be on wifi to download videos from the cloud so that you could watch them on your phone when not on wifi. And after I showed her once, she did the whole process on her own and then explained it to me. Ridiculous.

“Mama, you’ve always told me that I can do anything I believe I can do. But I believe I need a puppy, and you won’t give me one.”

Last weekend, HG rode from dinner to the Browns’ with CB and Emmy, which HG and Addie just thought was fabulous. They heard HG say to Addie, “You have to come over to see my new heels!” (her Cinderella ones)

First ‘real’ flats (I think??)2015-03-14 17.12.36-1This is pretty much what our kitchen table looks like 99% of the time.2015-03-15 10.57.402015-03-15 11.49.34Giving Daddy a bye bye hug2015-03-15 11.52.45-12015-03-15 13.09.51A BIG turtle found his way into Spiffer and GD’s garage, and they saved it for HG to see. It moved FAST!2015-03-15 14.42.00-1

Going for a ride to soak up the sunshine2015-03-15 14.48.42They found themselves at the neighborhood playground, so Spiffer and I went to meet them there.2015-03-15 15.23.392015-03-15 15.26.282015-03-16 07.14.38-1Happy St. Patrick’s Day!2015-03-17 07.12.442015-03-17 07.13.512015-03-17 07.16.372015-03-17 07.17.552015-03-18 14.24.24First Second Pres soccer practice of the season- she picked me some buttercups!2015-03-20 17.08.37-12015-03-20 17.09.212015-03-20 17.11.20-1She’s been dying to babysit Claire (my coworker/friend’s baby girl), so she finally had her chance. She played with her, helped bathe her, read her a book, and put her to bed. She’s going to be a pro by the time she’s a teenager!2015-03-20 18.56.172015-03-20 19.13.58

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