Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day After the Big Snow

Last Wednesday was the *glorious* snow day. When we woke up the next morning, Thursday (Feb. 26th), everything was still covered in a thick blanket of heavenly snow. DeSoto County schools were still out for another day, but since Memphis hadn’t seen nary a flake, St. Agnes was in session. And not to mention, it was SK’s President Report day, so Helen Grace needed to be there to present George W. Bush facts (his dad was also president, he wrote No Child Left Behind, and he built a library in Texas) to the JK and PK classes.

This snow was probably the second best Mississippi snow I can remember in my 34 years, so I couldn’t bear to send HG off to school without getting one more romp in it. I texted Mrs. Mungle to let her know we were going to be a little late to let the sun warm up the roads and then sent her outside to play for 30-40 minutes. Granddaddy showed up as he was meeting a handyman at our house, so he got in on the fun too. Afterward, we had a quick change to peel off her wet snow clothes and put on her ‘president in 2015’ outfit and were headed to school by 9:00. HG wasn’t pleased to drive past all the neighborhood kids playing in the snow, but I made it up to her by swinging through Chick-fil-A on our way to school. She loves some Chicken Minis and hash browns/ tater tots! The snow was pretty much melted by lunchtime, so I’m really glad she had some quality time in the morning.

She came down to our bed in the middle of the night on Wednesday, so before she went outside to play, she ran upstairs to see what the tooth fairy brought her. So fun to see how excited she gets over the little things in life- $2, a letter from the tooth fairy, and some fairy dust go a LONG way!

Our Thursday morning backyard view2015-02-25 07.04.212015-02-25 07.03.202015-02-25 07.03.31Out the front door2015-02-25 08.30.092015-02-25 07.42.092015-02-25 07.42.15Checking on her Tooth Fairy loot2015-02-25 08.15.552015-02-25 08.17.232015-02-25 08.18.302015-02-25 08.18.522015-02-25 08.19.522015-02-25 08.20.03Looking at the pic that the secret Tooth Fairy camera caught of the TF in action2015-02-25 08.21.442015-02-25 08.24.38Showing Blue her new map of where she’s been2015-02-25 08.24.472015-02-25 08.57.302015-02-25 08.58.042015-02-25 09.02.442015-02-25 09.04.302015-02-25 09.04.31-12015-02-25 09.04.31-22015-02-25 09.04.332015-02-25 09.04.51-12015-02-25 09.04.53-22015-02-25 09.05.222015-02-25 09.05.442015-02-25 09.05.53Throwing a snowball at Granddaddy standing in the kitchen window2015-02-25 09.06.162015-02-25 09.06.25-22015-02-25 09.06.572015-02-25 09.07.052015-02-25 09.07.12She NAILED GD with a snowball directly at the collar of his shirt and it slid right down his shirt! COLD!2015-02-25 09.07.522015-02-25 09.07.53And she CACKLED!2015-02-25 09.08.11-22015-02-25 09.08.12-1Can you spy Blue?2015-02-25 09.10.132015-02-25 09.10.462015-02-25 09.12.23-2While I was hollering at her to stay out of the snow and keep her hair dry (so it’d look “presidential”), she *completely* ignored me and literally rolled in the snow…2015-02-25 09.12.39She decided that this was no longer a snowman in progress but a snow turtle.2015-02-25 09.13.332015-02-25 09.15.26

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