Sunday, March 29, 2015

Toohig Tidbits

The sweetest words I have ever heard…“I want to be an Ole Miss girl like you, Mama.”

“St. Agnes is always happy. St. Agnes is a smiley face.” ~a song that HG made up

She was telling us how one of the boys in her class always has perfect hair. “I usually have at least one, if not two, nests in my hair when I go to school!”

Poor Blue2015-03-22 15.45.39Family dinner at Newk’s. These two are trouble.2015-03-22 18.11.092015-03-22 18.11.172015-03-22 18.15.16Look at this new grin!2015-03-23 07.13.35Career Day- she wants to be a teacher, and she has very strong genes for that teacher finger point!2015-03-25 06.43.292015-03-25 06.44.09Emma was also a teacher, and she had a badge too- so funny to see such little teachers!2015-03-25 08.42.50Look at this crazy cat!2015-03-25 09.30.13And now Bad Blue is on a roll…2015-03-27 06.57.02-1Soccer practice- Tripp and Madeline (little siblings), HG, Ellis, Lilah, Mary Caroline, Bella Marie, Mary Kate2015-03-27 17.04.13After-practice Friday night dinner at Bronte2015-03-27 18.24.28Riding lessons on Sunday morning with Grandma, Peggy, Edie, Gene, and John cheering her on. This is called ‘merry go round.’2015-03-29 10.26.56Loving on Beanie2015-03-29 10.27.022015-03-29 10.27.252015-03-29 10.30.212015-03-29 10.32.25

After-riding lunch at Huey’s2015-03-29 12.08.182015-03-29 12.12.26

Soaking up this snaggletooth grin and the adorable little lisp that comes with it…also, she is definitely my child. Loves to record directions on how to do something. Constantly teaching. And never met a camera she didn’t like.2015-03-25 15.52.06

Snowflakes and Easter Eggs

On Saturday, the nice weather we’ve been having took a turn for the worst, and for our neighborhood Easter egg hunt, it was literally snowing. SNOWING. There’s a first for everything!

I hadn’t told HG that the Easter Bunny was going to make an appearance for fear she’d flee, but she saw him from afar and was alright with him being there. She didn’t want to approach him alone, but Sallie Key went with her and she bravely gave him a hug. Progress!

She was chomping at the bit to get some eggs, and she drug me along for the hunt, running at full speed. After every child found their 12 eggs, they let the big kids have at the rest of them, which sent everyone into a frenzy. HG was late to the game, but when we looked UP, we found several eggs hidden on top of the brick columns along the fence. You would have thought that she’d struck gold!

After the hunt, we spent the afternoon at Grandma’s visiting with Aunt Edie and Uncle Gene who are in town, and then after mass, we met Spiffer and Granddaddy for dinner. Great {and cold} day! 

2015-03-28 10.09.102015-03-28 10.09.172015-03-28 10.23.442015-03-28 10.23.542015-03-28 10.24.052015-03-28 10.24.35-12015-03-28 10.24.52-12015-03-28 10.31.05

2015-03-28 15.18.292015-03-28 19.25.39

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Zoo- Finally!

This past Saturday, the weather finally hit the 60’s, and OF COURSE, we headed to the zoo! It’s been months since we’ve been, and it was so nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air, animals, and family time. And with our new snaggletooth!

2015-03-21 10.53.232015-03-21 11.18.44

John and HG drive the zoo monkeys NUTS. They always attract a crowd of onlookers.

2015-03-21 12.39.54-1There is a new musical area that HG and John had fun exploring.2015-03-21 12.42.01

2015-03-21 12.55.512015-03-21 13.01.032015-03-21 14.01.272015-03-21 14.01.332015-03-21 14.22.052015-03-21 14.27.17Aaaannnd, she’s out…2015-03-21 16.11.58

Tooth #4

While babysitting baby Claire last Friday night (March 20), I heard HG’s tummy RUMBLE, which prompted me to ask her what she had eaten that day. The girl’s remaining front tooth was so loose that she couldn’t even drink a milkshake. All she’d had was a few crumbles of a graham cracker. We spent about an hour in Katie’s bathroom as I tried to talk her into letting me (or her) pull her tooth- which yielded a lot of tears but no tooth. When we got home that night, John and I decided that if her tooth was so loose that she wasn’t eating, it was time to pull it. I tried again, but finally we had to call in the big guns- Daddy. It was a little traumatic, but John had that tooth out in 5 seconds flat. After all of that drama, we told her she could have anything she wanted to eat. Of course, she requested a chocolate milkshake in bed! That’s my girl!

She had been resistant to loosing that last tooth. Sometimes she said she didn’t want to let go of her teeth, but we keep all of her baby teeth. Other times, she said she didn’t want the kids to make fun of her. After it finally came out, we oohed and aahed over her beautiful new smile, and it seemed to do the trick. She was happy and confident about it. WHEW.

The tooth fairy came to visit and left her $5 for all of her troubles.

2015-03-20 21.33.252015-03-20 22.40.052015-03-20 22.40.172015-03-20 22.43.36

Toohig Tibdits

While playing school with Spiffer, she said, “Make sure to turn your collar down so that you can be a proper little girl.” {obviously a Catholic school girl}

“BLUE TOOHIG!!!!!” is screamed daily in our house.

“So is a ‘mothership’ a boat full of mamas??”

While I’m asking her to brush her teeth or get dressed for school and she’d rather be watching tv or playing, she tells me, “I’ve been praying for you to be nicer.”

In our last trimester conference, Mrs. Mungle said she can see her character growing by not giving up when learning. If she doesn’t get something the first time, she keeps trying and doesn’t give up.

She told me the other day- “I love you, but I’m trying to teach you a lesson.”

She’s been ending up in our bed in the middle of the night lately, so one morning, she was still snoozing while I was getting ready. As I walked by the bed, she started giving me kisses in her sleep.

HG asked me recently if I had an iPhone 6 or 6+. This came after we talked about how you had to be on wifi to download videos from the cloud so that you could watch them on your phone when not on wifi. And after I showed her once, she did the whole process on her own and then explained it to me. Ridiculous.

“Mama, you’ve always told me that I can do anything I believe I can do. But I believe I need a puppy, and you won’t give me one.”

Last weekend, HG rode from dinner to the Browns’ with CB and Emmy, which HG and Addie just thought was fabulous. They heard HG say to Addie, “You have to come over to see my new heels!” (her Cinderella ones)

First ‘real’ flats (I think??)2015-03-14 17.12.36-1This is pretty much what our kitchen table looks like 99% of the time.2015-03-15 10.57.402015-03-15 11.49.34Giving Daddy a bye bye hug2015-03-15 11.52.45-12015-03-15 13.09.51A BIG turtle found his way into Spiffer and GD’s garage, and they saved it for HG to see. It moved FAST!2015-03-15 14.42.00-1

Going for a ride to soak up the sunshine2015-03-15 14.48.42They found themselves at the neighborhood playground, so Spiffer and I went to meet them there.2015-03-15 15.23.392015-03-15 15.26.282015-03-16 07.14.38-1Happy St. Patrick’s Day!2015-03-17 07.12.442015-03-17 07.13.512015-03-17 07.16.372015-03-17 07.17.552015-03-18 14.24.24First Second Pres soccer practice of the season- she picked me some buttercups!2015-03-20 17.08.37-12015-03-20 17.09.212015-03-20 17.11.20-1She’s been dying to babysit Claire (my coworker/friend’s baby girl), so she finally had her chance. She played with her, helped bathe her, read her a book, and put her to bed. She’s going to be a pro by the time she’s a teenager!2015-03-20 18.56.172015-03-20 19.13.58