Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Weekend Hangover

Saturday morning, we started the day with a soccer game at St. Agnes. While it was freezing last weekend while we were in Vegas, it was HOT this weekend (of course). Afterward, we figured we couldn’t be any hotter, so we might as well go to the zoo. We ate a quick lunch while John and HG made the monkeys go berserk (I swear, the whole Cat House was watching them make the monkeys slam themselves into the window), and we hadn’t even made it to the giraffes before HG asked to be carried. Needless to say, it was a short zoo trip (after a sweetly requested popsicle to cool down). We turned on her sleepy music on the way home, and she was asleep before we left the parking lot.

After a good nap that moved from the car to Mama’s bed, John and HG headed to mass with Grandma and Peggy while I celebrated Ginna’s birthday with a girls’ night to Como. Fun!

On Sunday, we went over to see Teddy for his birthday and enjoyed some of his delicious banana pudding. Afterward, we headed to Aintree Farm for a make up horseback riding class, and Peggy and Grandma got to come along to see her in action!

We met Spiffer, GD, and Bubba for dinner afterward, but when HG put her head in my lap during the meal, we knew we had to get home- quick!

On the way to dance after school on Monday, I made her take a nap to take the edge off, which really helped her weekend hangover. When bedtime rolled around though, she was awake. I left her in her bed around 8:00, and when I came back at 9:30, the girl was still up and was reading a book- AHHHH!

After calm, relaxing afternoons and early bedtimes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I think we have finally recovered from our busy weekend.

Halftime with Mary Kate2014-09-20 10.25.04 Mary Caroline and the Schmitt boys2014-09-20 10.25.28 2014-09-20 10.26.04 Giving her some quiet consultation from the sidelines2014-09-20 10.30.31 2014-09-20 10.30.59 2014-09-20 10.50.02 2014-09-20 10.51.11 Calvin DouglasCalvin Douglas soccer2014-09-20 12.30.39-2 2014-09-20 12.30.40

Love her version of this classic elementary song

Happy birthday, Ginna!ginnas bday Happy birthday, Teddy! She spent at least a week making a birthday book just for him with tons of pictures and xoxo’s.2014-09-21 14.32.09Happy to show off for Daddy, Grandma, and Peggy2014-09-21 16.13.05 2014-09-21 16.39.31 2014-09-21 16.55.29

Monday afternoon nap2014-09-22 15.06.05

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