Sunday, September 21, 2014

Toohig Tidbits: Hello, September

At the Life Is Good store on Labor Day, I was looking at scarves. John took one of them and wrapped it around his neck. HG, as she sat on my hip, just looked at him and shook her head very slowly as if, ‘No, Daddy. Just No.’

We grabbed an after-school cupcake. As we walked to the car, I asked HG to keep it in the paper sack because I would cry if the cupcake hit the pavement. HG responded, "Mommy, it's NOT that traumatic."

I told her I was planning on bringing lunch to her at school this week. She said she was going to give her classmates clues for who was coming to lunch. “She has blue eyes, pink lips, and strips of blonde hair and strips of black hair.”

At dinner with GD, Spiffer, and Daddy, she was telling us about her lesson with Beanie Baby. She was trying to think of the word ‘crop’ and GD finally remembered it. HG said, “Yes, it was on the tip of my tongue!” Spiffer laughed and kind of repeated, “It was on the tip of your tongue?,” and HG said, “No, you pop her on the neck, not on the tongue.”

“I love beautiful things.”

We often do this little ditty together. John or I will say “Itty bitty baby—,” and then HG will pipe up with, “GIRL!”

Every night before she drifts off to sleep, HG says, “Mama, tell me what to dream.”

“Mama, I used to be Calvin Douglas’s #1 girl and now I’m #2, and I’m so frustrated!”

Taking Blue for his last kitten shots2014-09-03 15.23.17 100 on her first math test!!!2014-09-04 18.44.55 Visit with Darby on Ryves’ 30th birthday2014-09-06 13.25.25 2014-09-06 13.25.31 2014-09-06 13.27.22 We found a friendly tree frog on our front door after a storm.CF6C5221 CF6C5224 My girl went outside to look at him and PICKED HIM UP.2014-09-06 14.26.17She held him for a few seconds, and then he earned his soon-to-be given name, Jumpy. John and I chased him through the flowerbed a few times, and then we had to say goodbye to our new friend. CF6C5227 Her daddy put out some new birdseed for the ducks, and HG cuddled up on the window sill to enjoy the show.CF6C5240CF6C5257 CF6C5261 Doesn’t Blue just look thrilled with this cuddle?!2014-09-07 08.21.56First day of dance for fall semester- now in the elementary class of K-2nd grade2014-09-08 16.34.53Journaling at its best (that’s a pic of HG and Mommy on the couch)2014-09-11 14.53.48Favorite color day- pink- DUH2014-09-19 07.04.39She apparently gets this trait from me because her daddy can’t do it.2014-09-17 18.27.11

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