Saturday, September 6, 2014

Toohig Tidbits: Goodbye, August

“Will I be 5 and a quarter or 5 and a penny by Halloween?”

“I like being sick. It means I get to spend more time with Mama.”

John was trying to take my phone from me. HG told him, “Daddy, I’ll give you chocolate if you give Mama’s phone back.” Can you tell how we bribe in this house???

At our recent doctor’s appointment, she weighed 46 pounds and was 46 inches tall.

2014-08-26 21.12.22 Maren’s mom, Marisa, had lunch at SAA and sent me this pic. Over the 20-minute lunch, she learned that HG’s allergic to pollen, that I’m almost 34, that HG plans to be a pirate fairy for Halloween, and that HG ate some chicken on a bone at school and threw up in the trash can. If you ever want to keep a secret, don’t tell this child.2014-08-27 12.58.56 SAA-SDS soccer practice has begun. They can play sports for the school once they hit K, and the teams are co-ed and made up of five children. Ellis, Rachel, Carter, and Calvin Douglas are on her team, but it seems like some days we’ll practice with more than one team. I like this group approach because it’s fun to visit with all the mamas!P1050694 P1050699 P1050703

On Wednesday, she had her check up at the dentist (praise the Lord, no cavities!!!), and Dr. Coleman spotted the early stages of a loose tooth (in the middle on the bottom). She was so excited that she hasn’t stopped talking about it or showing people, so here she is after practice with Granddaddy offering to help her loosen it more!2014-08-28 18.07.31 Thursday night was Ole Miss’s opening game against Boise State, and we won. Coincidentally, Spirit Day at school was Friday, so we had to dress in red and blue, of course. Hotty Toddy!2014-08-29 07.06.48 I am blown away by this letter HG wrote.2014-08-29 08.03.35 Hard to sleep when you have this little nibbler sneak up on your toes.2014-08-29 19.36.39 2014-08-29 19.37.39 2014-08-29 19.40.47

On Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend, HG still sounded awful, so we headed to the doctor. While we were waiting, she showed me her newest magic trick. Wish she could have performed some magic to change the outcome- she had strep throat! BOO!

2014-08-31 11.41.49 I guess if we had to have strep on a holiday weekend, it was alright to let the contagious period happen while it POURED rain for a solid day. She had three hour naps all weekend, and we enjoyed some great cuddle time on the couch.2014-08-31 12.53.18 By Sunday afternoon, she wasn’t contagious anymore and the sun came out, so we headed to the Words for some pool time with my work family.2014-08-31 16.48.25-1Katie has joined our work team this summer, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to FINALLY have her on board.  The big girls loved entertaining Claire, Katie’s little girl. Looks like we have built in babysitters from now on!2014-08-31 18.31.51-1

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