Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reading & Writing

In two short weeks, we’ve come a long way from when HG put the breaks on journaling. A switch has been flipped, and now she’ll remind me of how she used to not like it and now she loves it. When she’s not too tired, she will gladly sit down and read to you, and she is doing so well sounding out words and doing her imaginative spelling. She still has to be in the mood to participate, and she has a tendency to hold back until she’s mastered something. But she is now willing to get in the game of reading and writing and thinks it’s fun. Big progress!

She rescued two roses from my birthday flowers to take to her teachers.2014-09-12 07.11.21 Her ‘At School’ project that she brought home last week2014-09-16 16.55.06 2014-09-16 16.55.27 2014-09-16 16.55.47 2014-09-16 16.56.07 A painting of school things- “building”2014-09-17 07.56.40 2014-09-17 08.03.40 2014-09-17 08.03.55 2014-09-17 08.04.36 2014-09-17 08.05.16 2014-09-17 08.05.26

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