Sunday, July 27, 2014

Toohig Tidbits

I know you are dying for a Blue update. ;)  We’ve taken him in for his 12-week shots, and he’s awaken from his kitten slumber. Now he’s nipping at any ankle or finger that comes close to him during his waking hours. And the big kitties go scrambling when they see him coming for he’s sure to take a plug out of their tails. While he sleeps though, he’s quite the snuggle bug.

Going to Cat & Cow2014-07-15 15.43.232014-07-09 16.37.09 2014-07-13 20.33.10 Quite the acrobat2014-07-22 07.41.20 Rebel still claims HG’s pillow2014-07-24 20.29.56 2014-07-25 07.53.27 This didn’t end well…2014-07-25 21.53.24 After the kitty goes to bed, the big brothers come running to Mama’s lap.2014-07-26 21.46.52 It’s really hard to be this cute.2014-07-27 13.21.23 2014-07-27 14.28.58-1

And for a Toohig *people* update…

Mama: “Did you hear me?”   HG: “Yes. <pause> What’d you say?”

After I threatened to spank her, she said, “I LIKE spankings.” When I gave her one, she said, “Oh, that was fun!”

When a lady at the vet asked what HG’s kitty’s name was, she said, “Blue.” The lady asked her why, and she responded, “Because he’s ferocious!”

“Mama, when you went to college, were you a little shy of boys?”

When she does her ‘Rowdy’ cheer from cheer camp, she still says, “Let’s get a little bit Crowdy.” John and I just love it.

Night, night Daddy2014-07-16 21.05.56-1 Caroline’s 5th birthday party2014-07-21 15.42.24 2014-07-21 15.54.19 I finally got conned into trying a Princess Sofia recipe that she kept seeing on Disney Jr. She had two licks of her yogurt pops…2014-07-23 19.28.40-2 Nothing better than a late afternoon swim with Courtlyn!2014-07-24 17.33.36Our little movie star ready for our family movie night to see “Planes Fire & Rescue”2014-07-25 18.21.58-2Found these adorable/silly selfies on my phone…2014-07-27 08.59.022014-07-27 08.59.10 

Her swimming has continuously progressed. Now she’s diving to the bottom of the shallow end to pick stuff up off the bottom. And John’s even taught her to go under water, push off the wall, and propel herself like a torpedo. She’s getting better about stopping to take a breath on long swims and keeping on going on her own. What a wild summer it has been!

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