Saturday, July 5, 2014

Blue’s Arrival

We’ve so enjoyed having two brother cats that we’ve always planned on adding another kitty to our crazy crew when the two got a little older. When we came across a beautiful gray one (10 weeks old- born on April 26th), we knew that this was the right time.

John brought the kitty home on Thursday, and we caught HG’s ecstatic response on film. She later said, “Am I dreaming or am I not dreaming? Because I dream about this a LOT!!” To say she is thrilled is an understatement. She hasn’t stopped kissing him or carrying him around. If I only had a dollar for every time that I’ve said, “Put the cat DOWN.”

John and I chose to call him Blue since that’s the type of cat/color he is, but we’ve let HG have some say so in the other half of his name. It started out as Blueberry, but it’s changed to Blue Bear today. I’m sure we’ll have gone through another five names in the next week!

Rebel and Mocha are a little confused about Blue’s arrival. At first, Mocha hissed at him whenever he came close, and Rebel just ran or stayed away. By Saturday though, there’s been no more hissing, and they are all ok with being in the same general vicinity. Not cuddly, but not mad.

So far, Blue seems to be very social and wants to be around us. When you leave the room or his view, he squawks bloody murder. He loves to be petted and to sit near you, even cuddling and purring sometimes. He’s enjoying exploring every inch of his new world, and we love seeing it through the eyes of a kitten!

On his way home2014-07-03 14.40.02 Surprise!! (Keeping this secret from HG was so tough!)CF6C3998 Meeting Momo and Rebel for the first timeCF6C4000 CF6C4014 CF6C4021 CF6C4025 CF6C4031CF6C4039 CF6C4057 CF6C4062 CF6C4081He’s so tiny that he can fit under the vanity.2014-07-03 18.33.482014-07-03 18.36.55Hugs and big thanks for daddy!2014-07-03 18.43.142014-07-03 18.48.42 And the family arrives…CF6C4086 CF6C4090 CF6C4099 CF6C4105 CF6C4108 CF6C41112014-07-04 10.59.50He has spent a lot of time in this spot today!2014-07-04 17.08.53Look how tiny he is- 1 pound, 6 ounces   2014-07-05 12.21.11 Well, this started out as such a sweet exchange…photo 2014-07-05 12.05.14 2014-07-05 12.06.01

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