Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July & BIG Pool Progress

We enjoyed our annual 4th of July tradition of our neighborhood bike parade and party and then pool time. Helen Grace and Sallie Key had a big time parading around on their bikes and then playing with our neighbors in the park.

After HG brought the girls’ parade back to our house to show off her kitten, we headed to the Browns’ for our family cookout around the pool. The weather was SO NICE- breezy in the 80s- and it was so enjoyable to sit around the pool, visit with everyone, and watch the big and little kiddos in the pool.

In the afternoon, HG chose to skip naptime instead of staying up late for fireworks. Of course, after dinner, she freaked out and wanted to see the fireworks. She went to bed in a fit of delirium but was snoring when the booms began.

On the 5th (Saturday), Sallie Key came over to hang out with us while her parents went to an event. After a night of dinner and ice cream, we discovered that our neighbors made a big run at the firework stand’s after party sale. They were shooting off some HUGE and beautiful fireworks, so HG got to see some amazing fireworks. As she alternately squealed with joy and then cried with fear of the loud noises, we were happy we didn’t keep her out late on the 4th for the town’s show!

On Sunday, we headed back to the Browns’, and we almost didn’t recognize the big, brave girl that came with us to the pool! She swam at Sallie Key’s on Saturday and must have seen her jumping off the side. Out of nowhere on Sunday, HG ran to the side of the pool and jumped in and went under all on her own. And then, she randomly said to John, “I think I want to jump off the diving board.” We all calmly went along with her suggestion, but I was freaking out on the inside! She did so well and was so proud of herself- as were we!

Neighborhood Parade on the 4th with Sallie Key2014-07-04 09.43.52 2014-07-04 09.45.05-2 2014-07-04 10.01.18 2014-07-04 10.13.39 Over to the Browns’ for lunch2014-07-04 12.09.37 CB found and saved a turtle for her to play with2014-07-04 12.35.07 2014-07-04 14.30.40

Swimming on the 4th

CF6C4126 CF6C4143 CF6C4170CF6C4212 CF6C4217 CF6C4234 CF6C42352014-07-04 15.48.43 2014-07-04 15.48.48Night night on the 4th2014-07-04 22.06.34-2

Swimming on the 6th

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