Saturday, June 28, 2014

Toohig Tidbits

“That’s crazy business!”

“Did you see that hot mess?!”

“Holy macaroni!”

“I want you to bling bling me out.”

“No, Daddy, I did not just roll my eyes at you. I just made a rainbow with them.”

HG put on her dress and shoes and, quite pleased with herself, said, “I’m pretty in pink!”

“I’m not going to get married. It’d be nice and simple and peaceful. No one picking on you.”

Ms. Kathi’s been helping her get excited about reading over the summer, and she told Spiffer that HG’s her own best critic. She wants to get it right, and I don’t have to tell her.

“That guy is going to get in trouble with a police officer for drinking and driving! He’s drinking a COKE- with the top OPEN!!”

We usually say “bread and butter” as we approach something between us and then “toast and jam” after we get around it. The other day, HG said, “Butters and jam!”

I had the news on while I got in the shower to get ready for work. HG woke up while I was in the shower, and when I got out, I found her in my bed watching the news. I tried to change the channel to something more kid appropriate, and she stopped me and said, “No, I want to watch something serious!”

Looking like such a big girl with her purse and “blinged out” accessories2014-05-30 17.34.48 Finley’s 3rd birthday party: Pajamas and Pancakes2014-05-31 09.46.13 2014-05-31 10.32.59 2014-05-31 10.48.25 2014-05-31 11.11.07 We were teasing HG and Callum about being lovebirds as he tried to kiss her, and as we left the party that day, she insisted, “I am not a love bird with him.”2014-05-31 11.11.12 This is the high life2014-06-01 18.32.29Telling her secret about she and Spiffer making a mess with the jacuzzi tub jet2014-06-03 19.22.35-MOTION

Playing in the rain

2014-06-10 22.44.27

Firefly flying

Bike riding

Such a good hostess- trying to make the ducks feel at home by giving them a wet spot to eat in2014-06-04 18.43.49 Catfish with Bubba2014-06-05 19.00.30High fives with William2014-06-05 18.24.08Twirling2014-06-08 18.33.40 Excited about gymnastics class2014-06-11 09.15.10-1 She insisted that her students, Spiffer and GD, should both sit on this stool. Hilarious!2014-06-12 16.16.27 2014-06-12 16.16.32 More hugs and catfish2014-06-12 18.26.52 2014-06-12 18.26.58 Painting her Father’s Day gifts2014-06-13 16.32.15 Swimming at Sallie Key’s 2014-06-14 15.44.39 Barbies by the pool2014-06-14 18.17.53Crazy girl after our picnic dinner2014-06-18 18.22.59 Lunch with the Baldersons2014-06-21 11.55.09 2014-06-21 12.38.56 She’s been petrified of carwashes since she was a year or so, but she finally decided she was brave enough to try it again. Loved it!2014-06-21 13.41.03 2014-06-21 13.41.36 John and I met our parents for dinner and the Jersey Boys movie on Saturday night, and HG was ecstatic to have date with Christy. She literally asked every morning when she woke up, “Is it Christy Day?!” They went to dinner at Lost Pizza and then Gracie Bleu, and then they came home to ride her bike, play Barbies, draw, do ‘learning math,’ and play Just Dance. HG was in love!christy mag 2014-06-21 21.54.47

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