Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mommy Day

This Wednesday, HG and I went all out. After cheer camp, we met a friend for lunch at Aldo’s downtown. They gave HG a lump of pizza dough which thoroughly entertained her for hours. She even wore it home as a bracelet! (Don’t worry; I threw it away as soon as she sat it down and forgot about it.)
After lunch, we went over to the Coats to swim. HG did so well in the pool! She’s getting much more confident and interested in swimming on her own. We had so much fun with the Coats girls that I had to drag her out of the pool around 5:00, and we headed home to scrounge up dinner.
HG and I decided we’d try to grill pork chops on our own. If only we could have seen a video of ourselves- HG and I standing there looking at the grill like it was going to explode- hilarious! We pulled it together and did a decent job for our first attempt. Helen Grace thought it was such a momentous night that it constituted a ‘fancy’ dinner in the dining room. She set up our table and place settings by herself- even with the spoon and knife on the right side and fork on the left. I was so impressed!
At Aldo’s2014-06-25 12.12.43 On Main Street with her newest fashion statement- who knows, maybe a dough bracelet will catch on!2014-06-25 13.12.38 June 20142014-06-25 14.44.34 July 2012bathing beauties
Back to 2014- look how well she’s doing!
Hostess with the mostest2014-06-25 18.21.13

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